How Shifting My Chakra Energy Has Totally Changed My Life

Today I was thinking about all the people who now have the beautiful Chakra candles that I make in their homes. (Find them here: Chakra Candles)

Whether they know it or not, the energy that is now in their space when the candle is lit (or just sitting there but more powerful when alight) will shift their energy. Some may be aware of the subtle changes and others may just simply feel different, without being able to pin point the reason.

Never in a million years would I have imagined myself now healing and teaching the benefits of shifting and clearing Chakra energy but the results I have had in my own life have been so remarkable how could I do anything else BUT share!

In this article, rather than explaining each Chakra area and the characteristics, I thought a different way of seeing them would be beneficial.

Id like to share with you the changes that have taken place for me in each of these areas so that perhaps you can relate and recognize an area of your own life that may not be in flow as well as it could be.

I have done most of my Chakra work on 9 areas.

The 9 Chakra areas are:

  • Root Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Higher Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Crown Chakra
  • Soul Star Chakra

The Root Chakra, or Base Chakra,

Located at the base of the spine.

I start with this one because this is the energy area that really opened up the power of energy for me. It was however, the last one that I worked on, after my higher Chakras, to create many of the changes I am now experiencing!

This energy centre is all about grounding, feeling secure, taking action and feeling stable. We live here on this Earth as a physical Being and as such, require physical things to survive.

Before working on this energy centre, I was not grounded in most areas that would produce abundance of finances and prosperity. By working on my top Chakras, yes I became more intuitive and able to express myself, Love and meditate well but without money flow, found it extremely challenging to survive on a daily basis. Root Chakra
Taking grounded action, from a place of feeling safe and secure, transforms my life daily.

The Sacral Chakra

Located below the naval, this energy centre is about emotions, feminine, creativity and productivity.

Once this energy centre was flowing well for me, my ideas became more intuitive and clear with my creativity ‘switched on’ once again.

One of the biggest changes for me though was my emotional state.

We hold all of our emotions here and this used to cause me to have many stomach complaints, bloatedness and other reproductive issues. I used to react to external circumstances from a highly emotional state too which meant making the wrong decisions in many cases, saying words that hurt when that was not my intention and being constantly caught up in the perceived ‘dramas’ that life was throwing at me. Sacral Chakra

These days, even though I am a highly emotional human, I can breathe, let the emotion go and then act from a more secure and expressive place. It feels much better and my relationships are far more enriched now.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in/just above the naval this is the energy centre of our empowerment.

This chakra is about personal power, confidence, standing in our presence with no fear or judgement (from ourselves!)

After years of living and Being small, the power of this Chakra has flipped all of that around. I dream big, and know that I can BE all I choose. Solar Plexus Chakra

With this energy centre flowing well, I stand tall, knowing I am enough.

The Heart Chakra

Located in the centre of the chest, the heart area, this Chakra is all about Love, of self and others, self acceptance, harmony and peace within.

I did a lot of work in this area for many years. I thought I had it flowing. I thought my heart was open.

Then, recently, I realized it wasn’t open to the extent that it could be.

My work in this world is all about Love of self and to teach, we must learn, so this Chakra centre has been a big focus for me. I believe it opens more and more each day with the personal development work and tools I use and each day, this is evident in the people, words and feelings that come into my life. Heart Chakra

Loving ourselves opens up an amazing world that we could not imagine possible. We see on the outside what we feel on the inside. This is a powerful energy centre to open.

The Higher Heart Chakra

Located between the Throat and Heart, this Chakra is about unconditional love for all of humankind. It is a very powerful energy channel that links us to the earth and to the heavens and to the world soul.

This is the chakra of peace and connection, of attunement and alignment with all that is spiritual.

When it is open, we are able to receive love and give it joyfully to the masses, creating a web of connection that has not been possible before.

Once my Heart Chakra was flowing and open, this Chakra became stronger and the Love I feel now extends beyond myself, others and this Earth. love energy one energy


I understand the connectness. I understand the Oneness. Love flows everywhere.

The Throat Chakra

Located in the neck/throat area, this energy centre is about expressing ourselves, honesty and authenticity, emotional depth and speaking our Truths.

This was the first Chakra I worked on. Finding my voice was so important in my journey at that point about 6 years ago. The Heart and top Chakras soon followed but it was having the ability to speak, find my voice and express myself that ultimately led to the discovery of everything else.

Expression comes in many forms and for me, when this Chakra was flowing well, speaking and writing became stronger. Throat Chakra

This has now expanded into many other ways I express my feelings, teachings, thoughts and words.

The Third Eye Chakra

Located between the brows, this is where our intuitive abilities flow. The ability to see within, the ability to see beyond.

We all have this ability.

Tapping in to the flow of this Chakra will leave you spellbound with the mystery and magic that there is in this experience we are having. My intuitive, Third Eye centre has always been flowing and it was just a matter of really trusting in myself, to be able to convey in words or feelings what I was seeing or hearing. Third Eye Chakra

This is where working on my lower Chakras came into play. Yes, they are all connected and important for the total flow of your life experience.

The Crown Chakra

Located above the head, this energy centre gives us connection to All There Is.

Trust, Love, Belief…in yourself…

This Chakra is the direct connection to spirit, the window to our true existence as energy.

Humanness is fully known here, in the absence of it. Crown Chakra

Flowing well in this Chakra increased my ability to channel, to see the Truth of everything, to feel myself outside of my human body and to KNOW the connected energy of all of us, and everything here on the physical plane.

The Soul Star Chakra

Located above the Crown Chakra, this chakra is about enlightenment and ascension principles and ‘I transcend’.

The meaning is a lot about ‘letting go’ and allowing the Divine light of Spirit and the white Light to fill your life.

This chakra is the area where we connect with our higher self, and through this develop spiritual abilities. I felt it as a natural progression of expanding the Crown Chakra.

When I focus and can let go of my human resistance for a moment or two, I can easily drift away into the land of my soul…where we all meet and flow, as one in energy.

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What is it for you right now?

Are you like I was – working on the top chakras, feeling enlightened and intuitive but having no financial flow?

Or perhaps you have financial flow but find it challenging to let someone into your heart?

Maybe your intuitive abilities could be improved? Or your confidence?

One of the biggest and most amazing things I have found with the energy we have flowing in our Chakras is that even the slightest change of energy can make a profound difference.

Which one would make the most difference to YOU BEing YOU right now?

Love x

ps. Here is a great article on the Chakras and how you can help the flow in all areas – Chakras