Energy enters and flows through our body in many different ways. Traditional writing state there are 88,000 chakras in the human body. The main ones are the 7 along the centre of our bodies.

Having all 7 Chakras working effectively and flowing to their best ability, will change the way your energy feels, what your reality looks like and how you feel in every moment.

To have energy flowing beautifully and openly in each area there are actions we can take and thoughts we can think, that will in turn shift energy and change our perception, thereby our current reality.

Today we will explore the 4rd Chakra: The Heart Chakra

7 Ways to boost, balance and activate the Heart Chakra 

The Heart Chakra is located in the centre of the chest, the heart area. This Chakra is about Love, compassion, joy and acceptance, of ourselves and others.

Here are 7 ways to feel more compassionate and loving towards yourself and others, feel more joy in all you do and increase your love of life.

1. Go straight to the heart

Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, feel the energy here and say: I Love, I Love, I Love.

Do this throughout the day to stay in touch with your inner wisdom and love, to overcome any negative feeling about yourself or others, to keep love energy flowing and to step out of the ego mind when needed.

2. Express your Love

Let your loved ones know you love them. Speak it, draw it, show it, write it. Whatever is comfortable for you right now, let them know. Family, friends, lover, wife, husband. Reach out and let them know you love and appreciate them.

3. Gratitude

Be grateful…for everything! Make the words ‘Thankyou’ be the words you speak most in the day. Thank the people, thank the animals, thank nature, thank the sun, thank the moon, thank the circumstances, thank to feelings, thank the food, thank every sensation. Be grateful.

4. Eat green food

Eat food that are green, for the love energy as well as the amazing health benefits. Loving your body is important too! Vibrant fresh green foods. Raw, cooked, in smoothies or in juice. Be green and love the energy of it.

5. Connect with the feeling of Love

When we feel disconnected and trapped in a logical, egoic state, it can be challenging to find the love and appreciation for anything. One way to overcome this and to bring back the feelings of Love that we innately know, is to visualize, see or imagine a moment when we felt love. By looking at photos of loved ones, remembering a loving moment or seeing happy memories in the form of images or photos, we can tap into the Love once again. Close your eyes for a moment when you have a memory of love and just simply feel it for a few moments.

6. Have green around you

I often find that wearing green on the days when I can feel my Heart Chakra not flowing so well really helps lift me and allows love in again. The energy of the clothes you wear can make a difference. Beautiful green, blue and orange shades will lift your love energy.

7. Be Grateful, Be Grateful, Be Grateful

Gratitude is big and deserves 2 mentions here!

Along with saying thankyou throughout the day and being grateful in the moment, keep a gratitude journal. I write in mine at night and begin each sentence with:

I am so happy and thankful now that….

Usually it will be an A4 page that I fill.

Others find they love to express gratitude in a journal first thing in the morning as it sets them up for the day to feel thankful and loving.

Whatever works for you, writing is a great way to reinforce the feelings and to invite more of the same.

Try these 7 ways to increase your flow of Love energy. Experience more gratitude, compassion and Love in yourself, life and others.