Podcast Manifest For Life-Lets Meditate

Love & Light

Waking up in the morning feeling Love and gratitude has a lot to do with the way you are thinking and feeling the night before. It is my belief that if we can feel appreciation, Love and Light as we slip into our dream state, that not only will we have amazing dreams and a very peaceful rest, we will also wake up in a state of Love and gratitude.

Writing in a gratitude journal at night helps with this, and for more tools, read the article I wrote about it here: The Power Of Gratitude

Meditation is also a fabulous way to achieve a feeling of love throughout your body and a feeling of gratitude.

Enjoy this guided meditation I have created for you, to take you lovingly into your sleep state and to bring more gratitude, thankfulness and Light into your everyday, into every cell, into every thought.


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