We all have 7 main Chakra energy portals that run along the centre of our bodies. Each of these Chakra areas is important as each one performs a certain energetic task in our lives. Having all 7 Chakras working effectively and flowing to their best ability, will change the way your energy feels, what your reality looks like and how you feel in every moment.

Its important that we have these centres in balance. Too much flow or too little flow can create blockages in our lives. To stay in balance, or to become balanced in all areas, there are certain things we can do, actions we can take and thoughts we can think, to shift energy and change our perception, thereby our reality.

Today we will explore the 1st Chakra: The Root Chakra

7 Ways to boost, balance and activate the Root Chakra (Base Chakra)

The Root Chakra, or base Chakra, is located at the  base of the spine. This Chakra is about feeling grounded, safe and secure, and easily taking action to increase opportunity in life to create more prosperity.

Here are 7 ways to ground yourself and increase prosperity, while feeling secure where you are in life right now.

1. Feel the Earth.

Bare feet…grass: A perfect way to get in contact with Mother Earth and feel connected. Standing in nature, walking outdoors or any activity where you are in contact with the Earth will help with feeling grounded in the physical.

2. Meditate with the Root Chakra Meditation.

This meditation has been designed to assist you in taking action. Use it once a week or whenever you feel ungrounded or uncertain.


3. Stand with feet and legs shoulder width apart and sway side to side.

This exercise is easy to do to, no matter where you are. You can be subtle with it or just go for it! I find its an instant feeling of being in touch with physical. It will get the energy of your lower Chakras moving and active.

4. Wear red.

Colour holds energy and each day, mostly without knowing it, we choose what colour we are ‘feeling’. If we can deliberately decide, it can assist in strengthening certain energies within. To strengthen or heighten your Root Chakra energy, wear red.

Even just having red around you during the day or while taking action will strengthen your grounding.


5. Take action on something right now!

This is a great way to feel more certainty and to be in the physical world. Prosperity comes from taking action on inspired thoughts and ideas. There must be activity to produce a result. Take just one step towards your desires and the next step will then appear.

6. Focus on the security you have in your life already.

Often when we feel insecure about something, or we feel something is missing, it helps to look at all areas in our life where we will discover we arent missing anything at all. Feeling insecure or uncertain in life is a natural process to help us grow stronger. By looking at, and focusing on, where we already ARE certain and secure in our life we can more quickly feel secure within ourselves again.

7. Learn to love and honour money.

Prosperity and abundance are our natural state. We may think and say that we invite it into our lives but often on a subconscious level we do not feel worthy, do not love money, do not honour it and sometimes are even fearful of having it in our lives. This incongruency can be frustrating however if we can truly learn that money is just energy, and it can flow to us and through us, can serve us and others and can enhance our lives. Being here on this physical Earth as a human requires us to have and do physical things. Money is a necessity. Learn to love and honour it and more will come.

Try these 7 simple ways to feeling more grounded and prosperous this week. Our foundations are our strength and the Root Chakra is our foundational energy. Feeling secure and grounded gives us a great base to build on.