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Look past what you see…find the Love

Many years ago I was stuck in the vibration of blame, lack, emptiness and unworthiness. I would numb myself regularly with alcohol, and often would just go to sleep as often as possible to block out what I thought was an unkind world and also to stop my mind from ticking over! Life was more peaceful in my dreams.

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What I didn’t realize then was that my thoughts were actually creating this!

NOT the other way around – which I believed to be that my thoughts were BECAUSE of this.

Then I made the decision to stop.

To stop with the blame. To stop with the self destructive behaviours and thoughts. To stop with the numbing.

Its been an interesting journey so far and today Id like to share with you three things that I began doing every day to now BE in the vibration of peace, Love, Joy and thankfulness- no matter what is happening around me!

I think we can often feel that the people who are the happiest are the ones who have nothing negative or bad  happen to them or for them.

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

I believe that the happiest people are the ones who know that life is full of contrasts and still Love who they are DESPITE what is happening around them or too them.

This is a conscious, moment by moment choice that we make.

Some times its not easy.

Some days it really is challenging but if the most difficult thing you do each day is to make a conscious choice to see things from the perspective of Love then to me, that’s not a difficult day, that a day the miracles will show up.


So, what are the 3 main things or thoughts that will assist with keeping the vibration of Love throughout the day, no matter what you may be experiencing in your current reality right now?

  • Stop and breathe.

This is the best way to get out of the ‘head drama’ or the vibrational drama that may be keeping you stuck in the negative emotional scale.

Deep, slow, long breaths. If you can do it where you are right at that moment great! If not, walk away to another space, even if you have to just excuse yourself and go to the restroom!

It only takes a few minutes. Even 1 minute will make a difference.

Close your eyes, breathe. Focus on your breath and your heart centre. Return to Love, rather than the chaos in your mind

  • Ask yourself: What would Love BE here? Who would Love be here, right now?

When I ask myself this I always imagine those most connected to Love, the ascended masters, the Peace leaders of this world- people such as Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Dalai Lama

How would they BE right now? How would they see this through the eyes of Love? How would they BE Love right in this moment?

Its interesting to note that as soon as you ask- the answers are given- trust the answer, the voice, the feeling that you will receive. You will know exactly how to respond.

  • I then choose to see past what may seem like reality this very moment and look for the Love. Sometimes we have to look past what we see in physical reality and see the Love beyond. See the Love that we are. See the Love energy that connects us all.

To have contrast in our lives is one of the Loving things that we are blessed with. Without contrast, we would not expand, we would not grow, we would not learn, we would not be all we can be.

The contrast truly IS a blessing and when we can embrace it, and feel the Love despite the apparent uncomfortable reality of the moment, then this is where true happiness, Joy and the reality of US begins.

The biggest thing I have discovered over the past few years truly has been to look past what appears to be a life that is out to get me in some way. The thoughts that create that, keep creating that but as soon as thoughts can be changed to the vibration of Love, for the contrasts, for the everything, the reality will change too.

And it will change fast.

Remember – Life happens FOR you- not TO you.

Its your choice. Its your thoughts. Its your reality. Its your Love energy- connected to all there is- and it will run through you whether you choose to feel it or not.

Choose it today. Choose it, BE it.

Love xo

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