1-1 Sessions with Trish are in depth and will help you in any area of your life.

If you are a conscious creator and ready for change, this is for you. (Save with 5 & 10 Session packages too!)  60 minutes approx. via Zoom

$188 AUD


NEW BOOK! The PEACE Process: Tools to Align & Prosper

Access Parallel Realities to remember who you are and live the life you desire.

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$29.99 AUD

Using Intuitive Guidance and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) this session will help you clear a current block or issue in your life.

Feel safe to release old emotional blocks holding you stuck.

45 minutes approx. via Zoom

$160 AUD

In this 8 week 1-1 course you are guided and supported through The PEACE Process with a deep dive into each of the 5 Steps.

If you are serious about a new reality, one you are in alignment with, this is for you.

LIMITED Opening Price: $1497 AUD