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When Did My Life Become So Serious?

When Did Life Stop Being Fun? As I approach the age of 60 next year, so many things are shifting and changing. My priorities are different. My needs are different. My desires are different. My body, mind and energy are different. The may I think about things is different. My
Finding Peace in Self Sabotage Patterns Self-sabotage is a common problem that many people experience at some point in their lives. It occurs when we unconsciously engage in behaviours or thoughts that undermine our goals and desires. Self-sabotage can be insidious and destructive, and it can prevent us from achieving
The concept of parallel realities or multiple universes has long been a topic of discussion in science fiction and quantum physics. It suggests that there are other versions of ourselves existing in alternate dimensions, living out different life experiences and making different choices. While it may seem like a far-fetched
Feeling Safe to Move Forward Often in life we have these dreams and goals for ourselves and our reality that seem out of reach. We have a vision of how they may look and feel too. So clear, calling us daily, but at the same time keeping us in fear.
Welcome! Trish Rock INSPIRES PODCAST Todays topic is Escape from the Physical Human experience Today I want to have a conversation about escaping our human experience. I think we can honestly all say that there were times over the past 2 years when we just wanted to throw the towel

Finding Peace in the Messiness

Finding Peace in the Messiness Life can get messy. That’s the way of things. That’s the structure that allows for change, for evolving. And I am not talking about the physical and environmental messiness that humans can get themselves into (although it can be related)! messy /ˈmɛsi/ 1. untidy or

BEing The Best Version Of You

Being the best version of you. My understanding of this is different today than it was a decade ago. Why? I have discovered that many of the goals, achievements and drive I have had to ‘get somewhere’ have actually been to improve my self worth, validation and self love. These
How to raise your vibration. In this video I talk about vibration, frequency and emotions. They are all related and indicate how you feel. Raising your vibration is firstly an awareness by you that it would feel better to raise it, then an action has to take place to do

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