How I Discovered The Uniqueness Of Our Chakra Portals

The Chakra System is becoming more and more talked about as we choose to recognize our own energy fields and how they work in conjunction with our human life to create the reality we see.

There are 114 chakra points and 72,000 energy portals which the human body flows energy through, from and to. (source:

Most of us refer to the 7 main ones which are:

  • Root Chakra – located at base of spine and represents grounding, earthing, security, safety, action and prosperity.
  • Sacral Chakra – located below the naval and represents emotions, relationships and creativity.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – located above the naval and represents personal power, confidence and thinking.
  • Heart Chakra – Located in the middle of the chest and represents Love, compassion and source energy.
  • Throat Chakra – Located in the throat area and represents communication, expression and truth
  • Third Eye Chakra – Located between the brows and represents vision, insight, limitless light.
  • Crown Chakra – Located at the top of the head and represents inspiration, guidance and Oneness to all.





When I work with clients, we talk, discuss issues of misalignment in their life, read Tarot and Numerology for spirit guidance and one of the things we do at the end of a session is to have a Reiki healing. I practice Kundalini Reiki (and am also Level 1 Usui Reiki) and this involves the intention on my part, to be the channel of energy to my client, where they need it the most.

One extra piece of magic extra to the Reiki that I am able to do is to get their Chakra portals spinning.

I do this by having my hands above their body, in their energy body, and pick upon the energy of the chakra.

Sometimes it is spinning, sometimes not. Sometimes all 8 (I work on the higher heart too) are slow, sometimes there are only a couple that are slow or stopped.

My hand receives little sparks of energy similar to pins and needles and there is a connection similar to little lightning bolts from my hand to the chakra point.

The thing I have found really interesting is that each client has a different Chakra feel and look.

Ultimately what we are doing is Being at one with all there is and our human bodies, as well as everything else that live, receives and flows energy all the time. So one would think that it would all look and feel the same right?


Each person I have worked with has a unique ‘spin’ and energy of their Chakra system.

I feel its similar to the uniqueness we all hold as an individual physical Being as well as the spiritual BEing we are. Like a fingerprint.

Some clients have small yet intense energy portals. chakra 2


Some clients have larger, slower spinning portals. chakra 3


Some clients have vortex portals that are like huge cone shape energies. Chakra 1


Some portals spin to the left and some to the right. Intuitively I follow the energy.

Its exciting for me to work with people and feel their energy portals. Each client feels different.

The other exciting and important thing here is that the colours are not always the standard ‘society’ colours you see here in my drawings.

What I see and feel is usually a mix of all the colours, or no colour at all, just an energy wave- grey or white.

This discovery over the past months has been so joyful and amazing and each new client shows me something else.

We all have beautiful energy fields, aura fields and energy portals. We are all connected yet unique and individual.

Here is the thing that is the same for us all though: Our energy flow directly relates to how our life looks and feels right now.

Want things to change? Our energy flow must change. This can be an increase or a slowing down so that we are in alignment energetically as well and spiritually and physically.

Take a look at the area of your life that is out of alignment and then do some work on that energy centre. Meditation is a great way to balance energy and here is where you will find some that I have created:

Experience the difference within and without.

One final piece Id like to add is that when we are in the presence of others, our energetic fields connect, entwine and speak on a soul level to each other. Its really important to have a strong sense of this and balance in our bodies and energy so we can interact and let the energy flow lift and connect, rather than suck and deflate.

This comes with awareness and with practice however having our own Chakra energies, not only the main ones, strong and in tune is the first step.

Let the energy flow, spin and radiate out!

Love xo