Podcast Manifest For Life-Lets Meditate

Crown Chakra

Guided meditations are a great way to quickly centre yourself and gain or regain focus.

This meditation which is specifically for the Crown Chakra, will guide you to feeling reconnected, less distracted and more easily focused on completing your daily goals.

The Crown Chakra is all about knowing, Divinity and inspiration. Your link to the Divine oneness that we all are.

When this area is blocked we feel separate and do not receive the true inspired thoughts that are there for us at all times. Once we can control our thoughts and mind, the awareness of our life purpose becomes much clearer. Materialistic ideals and ideas can often keep us attached to the human state.

For one week, if you choose to do so, meditate and allow the beautiful white light from the Universe/source energy to flow through the crown of your head.

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