Podcast Manifest For Life-Lets Meditate

Root (Base) Chakra

Guided meditations are a great way to quickly centre yourself and gain or regain focus.

This meditation which is specifically for the Root, or base Chakra, guides you to becoming more grounded, more task orientated and to more easily take action to produce better results in your everyday life or business.

The base Chakra is all about grounding, physical possessions, survival, prosperity, money, action and abundance. Recognizing any fears you may have, facing them and moving through them, is one of the best ways to strengthen this area. Taking action is also vital in achieving anything in our physical life and reality and this Chakra is all about taking action on our dreams and goals.

For one week, if you choose to do so,  meditate on the actions you need to take to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Take the time to stand in nature, barefoot, connecting and grounding, reclaiming your power to attract prosperity and success into your life.

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