Today, as we start a new 12 month cycle, a new year, many of us will be contemplating the past 12 months and how we have moved forward, what areas we are still perhaps stuck and our expectations for this coming year.

Personally, I’m in awe with how much change has occurred for me and also for my clients. Its been a tumultuous period of time that truly has seen many beautiful butterflies emerge.

This time last year, I started again…again.

In 2010, after finishing with my 28 year career in the Nail Industry, finishing with the town I was living in and even the state, I began to build a life that was so totally different to what I had known. Learning web design, online marketing, social media and all that goes with all of that!

My aim was to bring in an income, without draining me of my vital energy (which the nail salon business was doing) so that I could then go forth and be the energy intuitive I knew I was, I could get a bigger message to the world and I could make a bigger difference with the channeled words and energy I receive. Live my purpose and passion!

5 years later, and a few different business adventures under my belt, I was still being drained of energy and not feeling in alignment. I had amazing people around me, supporting me and I liked what I was doing but still, that sense of something not being quite right was still there.

I then made the decision to stop.

Why couldn’t I simply DO and BE what I love? Why was I presenting myself to the world in any other way that the authentic me? Why did I feel that Being who I am was something I did ‘in my spare time?’

So, this time last year, I stopped the business I was in- which was creating and producing Mobile Apps- and I went and got a job.


Because I decided to BE me ALL the time. peace freedom and joy

Who am I?

  • I am a channel for healing
  • I am an energy intuitive
  • I am a Psychic
  • I work with Chakra energy to restore flow to all areas of life
  • I am a writer
  • I am a speaker
  • I can now also read Tarot, give a numerology reading and am getting better at my Mediumship skills.

Having a job this past year has meant that in that part of the day- I am earning income to support my life here as a human. I also make a difference in my workplace with my energy and healing ways.

I call this my ‘spare time’ now.

Full time- I do what I love to do: Help and inspire others to live a life that matters to them. A life in alignment with their heart and soul. A life that truly expresses who they are.

So today, I look back at an extraordinary year in which everything has changed for me.

A year where I said

Its ok to be who I am. In fact, there is no other option than to show up just the way I am’

How did I finally get the courage for this change and how can you make the changes required to move into this year in a way that see you in total alignment with your heart and soul?

Firstly…it’s a choice.

Secondly…be supported daily in this choice. Support from yourself and from others. There are a lot of tools available that will bring us back to our centre and remind us that even on the days that we fall, it is ok and we can pick ourselves up, dust it off and start again.

Daily tools include:

  • affirmations
  • meditation
  • being aware of signs and messages in whatever form you are attracted to for instance feathers, numbers cloud shapes, songs, words etc
  • working on yourself with simple signs around the house that say: I AM ENOUGH
  • having people around you that support and nurture you when needed
  • having a mentor or coach to guide you
  • and…TRUST in the Universe that everything will be ok in Divine timing.

I wish you a million blessings for an abundant and prosperous 2016. A year in which we will more easily step into whatever it is we choose, desire and dream. change

Are you ready? What are you dreaming up right now?

Change is only scary until we change.

Love xo

ps. Find out how you can work with me here: Im Ready!