Lets FastTrack YOUR Manifesting


Make Joy And Happiness The Norm In Your Life.

Allow The Manifesting Magic That You ALREADY Have Inside You To Break Free!

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  • Unhappy in your relationship?

  • Frustrated with your work or career?

  • Numbing yourself with alcohol, food, TV, sleep or drugs?

  • Blaming others?

  • Experiencing unease in your health?

  • Looking for the next thing you could buy to bring you a brief moment of happiness?

Want to Manifest The Life You Desire but…nothing is working?

Its frustrating, and it can be debilitating…and exhausting!

I totally understand and know how you feel!

You have the power to change this. The ability to draw forth your desires into reality can be far simpler than anything you have tried in the past.

Manifesting CAN work for you!

www.trishrock.com live the life


After years of trying all the different manifesting techniques available, and still not getting the results I yearned for, a new way of manifesting was born inside of me.

A combination of various techniques, this way of manifesting finally was the gold that worked for me.

Does this sound like where you are at the moment?

  • Questioning your current circumstances in life?
  • Ready to make more positive decisions for success and well-being?
  • Yearning to reconnect with your passions, natural gifts and purpose?
  • Wanting harmony in your relationships?
  • Looking to let go of what is no longer serving you?
  • Wanting to create more love, joy and balance in your life?

Well you are not alone, let me explain…

Society and our busy lives often force us to make a silent agreement with our selves so we can ‘please everyone else’ first and put our own happiness after every one else’s. Making it even harder to break free from the shackles we feel we are wearing.


www.trishrock.com scared

There is an answer, a way out of feeling like this every day. A way to truly discover what it is you feel you are missing. A way to feel appreciated, loved and worthy…to not feel lost any more, and to have the reality you truly wish to manifest.

Knowing you are worthy and valuable is the first step. Simple… yet not always easy to acknowledge about yourself in the beginning with out a little help.

If you are ready to TRANSFORM and do something that puts the JOY back in your heart, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

Start your journey of discovery and freedom today….

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your current circumstances and how you can transform them.
  • Learn how to make more positive choices for success and well-being.
  • Reconnect with your passions, natural gifts and purpose.
  • Gain harmony back in your relationship with self and others.
  • Learn how to let go, with love, of what is no longer serving you.
  • Create more love, joy and balance in your life.




As an Energy Intuitive and Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, as well as sharing with you all the tools and techniques I have learnt over the years to break through the blocks, we will also get to the deeper level of why you are not moving forward with ease, Grace and Love.

Email me at: trish@trishrock.com

for further details and I will get in contact with you….to discover what is holding you back from the life you know you deserve, and want.

Im excited to meet you!

Love xo



Just had an intuitive reading with Trish Rock.
I had my pen and paper ready to write as much as I could, expecting a flow of information to come pouring forth.
But it didn’t. We effectively had a conversation around forgiveness and unexpectedly my father, who passed away over 40 years ago, came through with a simple but deep message that brought me to tears. I had asked Trish for the reading because of the energy related to timing around our contact on FB and because it felt like the right time for me – and so it was. Thanks Trish.”

Richard Wineberg

“I have mixed feelings to see you go public with this Trish Rock.

Sad that one of the best kept secrets (You) in terms of personal evolution will no longer be the exclusive guide only available for a few of us.

But sooo much more excited that you will now touch and inspire and guide hundreds (and probably thousands) of Souls who need your wisdom and advice and Love and guidance.

Thank you for Being there for me at so many levels. I couldn’t have wished for a more amazing friend and confidant. Bless you Trish Rock xx “

Paul Godden, VideoMadeEasy.com


” 12 months ago tomorrow, you flew into Adelaide. Your visit and your energy changed me forever, Never, ever underestimate how important you are. xxx K.” Karen Wright, Adelaide


You will gain more clarity, more direction and tools/techniques to propel you towards the life you have been wanting.

If you are truly ready for a change, to find that ‘missing link’ and to live a life of love and passion- no matter what is going on around you- then lets get started.


Trish Rock www.trishrock.com


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