Being grounded.

Trish Rock


I used to hear a lot about this and disregarded it. I couldn’t see the purpose of it, couldn’t see where it would help me and most of all, I thought it was just the ‘spiritual’ people trying to get me to ‘do’ just another thing to feel whole!

Looking back at that now and cannot believe my mindset was in that place but hey, we all have room for improvement and growth! lol

Here is what I have discovered.

I am whole. You are whole. Just the way we are now. No need to ‘do’ anything.

If, however, you are an evolving person and are living this life as a human with the intention of experiencing all you can, being all you can be and doing all you can do, then grounding WILL be vital for you.

What is grounding and how will it change things for you?

Grounding or Earthing reconnects our bodies to Earth’s energy. Grounding provides amazing healing, calming and balancing effects on our bodies.

Keeping our Chakra energy in balance is important especially if we are doing a lot of intuitive work, heart work or higher energy living.

Up until about 6 months ago, I didnt do any work on my bottom 3 Chakras- Root,  Sacral and Solar Plexus.

I thought I was going along fine. My intuition was high, my voice was opening up, my heart was opening too. But there were things in life that I just couldnt manifest or bring into my reality. Physical things such as cashflow were just alluding me, confidence and calm in every situation was a dream and creativity and vision were a struggle.

Does this sound familiar in your life at all? Do you feel like you are doing a lot but moving nowhere? Does it still feel like something is ‘missing’ even though you are living a higher vibration in your top Chakras?

Let me show you how to improve everything, fast, so you never need to feel this frustration again.

The 5 Top Reasons Being Grounded Is Vital:

  • Balance of all Chakra centres for balance in life
  • Flow of physical abundance, security
  • Inner strength and confidence
  • Creativity and energy
  • Presence

When I found out that the Root Chakra was very important for money to flow into your life I was blown away. Noone had ever put it that way before. Being grounded and having the energies flowing through your Root Chakra, as well as the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus, will bring abundance, money, confidence, creativity, centredness, presence.

Its powerful. Tapping in to these areas makes a huge difference, well it has to me anyway.

I explain it this way- the top Chakra energies are feminine and the bottom Chakras are masculine. There must be a balance of both these energies for a balanced flow of life to you. The power and strength of the masculine  mixed with the creative, intuitive energy of the feminine. (not male and female, man or woman).

The opposite of course is true for those who are attracting money, have confidence and centredness, and are grounded but do not have an open heart, use their voice to speak their truth or tap into their innate intuitive powers. They need to work on the top Chakras.

Take the time each day to clear the energy of all your Chakras but if you havent focused on the bottom 3 for a while- do that. Grounding is the best way to start.

Here’s a quick exercise you can do.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart (in nature is great!). Close your eyes. Raise your arms above your head and out to the sides slightly (like a y). Breathe in deeply, then out slowly. As you breathe in the next time, imagine roots growing from under your feet all the way down to the sore of the earth. Every breath in, the roots go deeper and become stronger.

Feel the strength of the earth and the joy of life coming from above.

Do this for a few moments or until you feel secure. Repeat daily. Morning is great.

I’d love to hear about your results! Connect with our community on Facebook and let us know. Or comment here. If you have any questions Im happy to answer them. Balance…its key.