My Life Is Crap!

  • Is this how you wake up each day?
  • How long has this been happening?
  • Do you understand why you feel like this?
  • How long will you allow it to continue?

There are times when we all feel like this right! Waking up, not feeling great, not wanting to go to work, or our business, not wanting to see anyone, wishing we didn’t have to look after anyone or anything and really just wanting to crawl under the covers and stay there. There are times when this is healthy, empowered and ok, then there are the other times.

I know for me that this was the case for MANY years.

I also know that I accepted it as part of life. Everyone said it, felt it and lived it. Why should I be any different? And even if I wanted to feel great about EVERYTHING…would that be possible? Society was telling me no, and I accepted it.

Sure, I had happy moments BUT the zest, the Joy, the excitement for life was NOT there.

Then…I decided to take back my power, my right to create the life I chose, my happiness, my joy. super Power


I made a choice. Then…I figured out what parts of my life were not working and where I was not in alignment.

You see, being out of alignment, in any area of life (Body, Mind and Spirit) will create, or cause, other areas to also feel misaligned. And the more places you feel this, the worse it will be every morning!

At the moment we see people stating that they do not want the holidays to end. They couldn’t think of anything worse than having to get back to their routine, of work, of school, of life. I get it. Ive been there. Here’s the thing though…that perspective actually manifest MORE things to be out of alignment with and MORE things you do not want to wake up to.

Having a look at the areas in your life right now that feel uncomfortable, feel out of alignment, or simply are the places or situations you don’t wish to be in is the only way to change things around.

So where is it for you?

Where do you feel life is not joy filled?

  • Work?
  • Home?
  • Career?
  • Family?
  • Relationship?
  • Finances?
  • Yourself?


Here’s an exercise you can do to really have it make sense and be able to make the changes necessary…there is however a secret, that I will reveal shortly.

First, grab some paper. I want you to write each area of your life on the top of a separate page. Now, add the title of the area to the page eg. Career. Here is a MUST DO rule: You MUST include yourself in this list.

Without overthinking, write down all the things that annoy you about your career right now (must be at least 10). Let the words flow and as I said, no overthinking here.

Do this for each area.

Ok, once youre done, breathe…..

You will most likely feel better already getting all that out!

What I would like you to do now is to write down what you LOVE about each area (Must be at least 10!). Including YOU (In the MUST DO Rule)

I know when I first did this type of exercise it was easy to list the annoying factors, not so easy to list what I enjoyed. Our minds can get so stuck in the misalignment of one area that it takes over any GREAT feelings we may have in the other areas.

Reading this list will give you an idea of where change can be made. It will show you exactly WHY you feel you don’t wish to get out of bed each morning AND it will also show you all the magical things about your life that are ALWAYS going on around you.

Change is not always easy, especially if the environment you are in is toxic in any way.

Which brings me to the secret in all of this.


Want to wake up feeling amazing, in anticipation of the magic the new day holds? Connection Card 1


Even the smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences, and here is a small change that may help you to WAKE UP to the beauty, magic and love that each day brings:


Be grateful for everything.

At the end of the day be grateful for ALL the amazing things that happened and even the tinest of moments where you felt joy. At the beginning of the day be grateful for what you see around you, the noises of the birds, the sunrise, anything that you can experience in that moment to give you a smile. After a while, you will not have to look for things or even try. The things you are grateful for will stand out, larger than life, and fill your heart with joy and Love from the get go.

Try this today. The sooner you start, the sooner gratitude, Joy, Love and happiness will be the theme of your life, not feeling like crap every morning/day/moment.

Start today, start with you, change what you can.



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