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How do we know we are transforming? How can we tell that we are changing, morphing and becoming spiritually enlightened?

For those of us on the path, which will be you I imagine or you would not have been drawn to this information,  it can often become too much of an obsession and we can easily lose sight of what the whole process is all about.

The end goal is not transforming. The end goal is not spiritual enlightenment. But, this will undoubtedly be one of the outcomes.

The end goal is simply for us to remember who we are.

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Imagine for a moment if you will, that you are still energy that is part of the whole. You are the whole. Call it God if you like, or consciousness. You are not here on Earth as a human.

You decided that to grow and experience more, so that creation expanded more and more,  you would take a small part of this energy, from the whole, and play a game where you would create yourself, this part of the whole, as a human, on Earth, for a period of time to have this expanded experience.

One of the rules of this game you and the whole (which are the same thing ) were playing is that as a human you would not remember you were the whole. You would experience separateness, disconnection to source.

The game was easy- The rules were to forget everything so you may remember who you really are, therefore bringing more expansion through creativity and experience.

Becoming separate from the whole made remembering this very challenging but in the perfect Divine timing, you had the perfect experiences to bring you back to remembering and connecting with the whole (which was you all along and still is).

This life, as a human, is all about remembering.

The first step is to be willing to remember, to have the awareness that there IS SOMETHING to remember and to be then conscious of it.

How do we know that we can simply remember who we are? How do we know that we are more than we see? How do we know that there is a different way of experiencing this life that comes directly from the heart? Well. Just look at any baby or child. They know. They live with the rememberance. They were us. Once.


I came across a beautiful quote last week. It said:

‘Do not fall in love darling, rise in love’

I was instantly drawn to the words here and the energy behind them.

At first it was from a relationship perspective. Rising in love with your partner, respecting each other’s spiritual and emotional growth in an interdependent relationship where 2 unique individuals can come together and lift into a deeper love, a deeper understanding of themselves, the other and life.

Rise in Love rather than fall in love, which would be the opposite and would represent some of the relationships I have been in over my lifetime where I shrank a little so as to not cause waves or to create confrontation. I fell, to being less than I am.

After reading and processing this quote further I came to another notion of the meaning and it is to do with this remembering we are here doing. This remembering game we chose to play.

Once our short time of knowing as a child is over and we begin to take on the beliefs of those around us and of society, and become separate, disconnected, from source, inst the whole journey back to who we are a ‘rise in Love’?

Are we not using every experience, every emotion, every opportunity to rise from the seperateness and to be connected again in Love, in the love energy we truly are, connected with the whole?

At first we don’t know it is the state of Love we are heading towards. It is the yearning for transformation from the current state we feel- which is out of alignment to who we really are. The desire to be happy, to feel joy, to be at peace within ourselves. To transform or to be enlightened.

What we are seeking though is love. And we are seeking to remember this Love that we are because this is the game we are here to play, as a human, at this time, on this Earth.

Maybe we are also playing this game in other lifetimes, on other planets, in other Universes and in multidimensional worlds. But that’s a whole other podcast!

So heres what Id like you to take away today from these words and ideas.

Rather than be on a mission to accomplish the goal of transformation or of becoming enlightened, begin to remember who you truly are.

The best way to do this is to see everything through the eyes of Love. If this is challenging for you right now, then here is something small to begin with.


Every morning, before you start the day, remember something or someone, or look at something or someone, that fills you with the feeling of Love. Even the most beautiful flower or painting on your wall might do this for you. That feeling…of Love….close your eyes and feel it. Feel it flow through each and every cell in your body. This should only take a few moments but if you have longer, meditate on that feeling for 5-10 minutes or more.

Now, throughout the day, tap into that feeling as often as possible. That feeling of love and gratitude. Remember the thing or person that caused this emotion.

If you love to meditate, try this one at night, and wake up feeling Love and Light: Love and Light meditation

Over time, you will easily carry this love energy with you in every moment. In time, you will remember the love from where you came. In time, you will be reconnected with source, and as a physical human being here on Earth, be able to then live love, and show others how they too can rise in love, and remember.

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