The Power Of Gratitude



If there was just one word I could encourage you to say throughout your day, it would be thankyou.

It’s powerful, in many ways.

Energetically sending out beautiful waves of love to the infinite universe, energetically bringing a beautiful feeling of love throughout your mind and body and increasing the magic of all you manifest on a daily basis.


As simple and easy as it sounds though, there have been times in my life, and in your life, when it hasn’t been easy to say, think or feel these words or emotions.

Often, there are external circumstances in our reality that we focus too much on and thereby forget the power of gratitude. We get caught up in the drama of the physical, the pain of emotions and the feeling of being a victim in this lifetime rather than a grateful and thankful creator and participant.

When I began a daily gratitude practise, everything changed for me. It didn’t mean the negative ceased to happen in my life but it meant that I saw MORE of the positive, I FELT MORE of the love in every situation and I saw beyond the immediate, looking to the ‘better path’ I was being directed to or the ‘better side’ of people or the ‘better thoughts’ to think.

What is the best way to incorporate gratitude into everyday?

Well, I have found that these 3 practices are powerful tools to keep me grounded and focused on the fabulous, rather than the fear, that may arise in different situations throughout the day.

  1. Wake up feeling thankful

I find that having thoughts of gratitude before I fall asleep allows me to wake up feeling grateful. A gratitude journal helps here. In the morning I then find something to really feel thankful for and contemplate it for at least 5 minutes, more if I have time.

The sunrise, the delicious fruit I may be having for breakfast, my beautiful dogs, my loving family, my lover, my smooth skin, the way my eyes sparkle, the beautiful email from a client etc etc. There are so many things to be grateful for and I can guarantee if you look around in the morning (or anytime) there will be many things for you too.

You may find in the beginning that even just being grateful for waking up is enough!

Whatever it is for you, take at least 5 minutes in the morning. Breathe it in. Smile while you think about it. Feel the gratitude, feel the love and feel a wave of beautiful white light flow into you and through you, warming you to the soul.

  1. Throughout the day, as many times as you remember, say thankyou in your mind.

Being thankful for every moment will change your energy and in turn change what you attract.

Thank all, in every moment, whenever you remember. The practice of this will create the habit of doing it more often.

Gratitude…To the stranger you pass in the street, to the lunch you eat, to the clients you have, to the new customers, to the bird that sings (or doesn’t sing). Thank the things that you may not like also for everything is part of a greater plan and everything is a balance.

3. Give

I find that one way to feel really thankful for what I have is to be very giving. Giving is also the fastest way to receiving so whatever it is you are desiring to create in your life, give more of it.

What you give is up to you. Some days I may give money to someone who needs it. Other days I may give lots of smiles to everyone I come in contact with. Some days I give love to everything and everyone (actually this is everyday) and then there are days when I can help people and give of my time and knowledge.

Whatever it looks like for you, giving will enhance your thankfulness. Especially if as you are giving you are thinking about how thankful you are for what you have!

I am sure there are many other ways that you could express your thankfulness and gratitude during each day. Id love to hear your habits and ideas! Leave a comment below and share so that we may all be armed with as many tools as possible to bring more gratitude into our lives!

The Power Of Gratitude


I am grateful today for you.