I Am In Love

Trish Rock https://trishrock.comYes, its true.

It has taken me many years to realise it and it has taken a lot of work but here I am…totally in love…

…with Love and Joy.

Each and every one of us here on this planet, and each and every being on every other planet, knows deep inside of them that there is something greater than what they can see with their eyes. Something greater than what they can feel with their touch  and something greater than what they experience in a body. For some, it may be a fleeting moment while watching something beautiful, for another it may only ever happen once in their lifetime, for others it may be a strong yearning for truth.

There is a feeling though that taps us all into the greater energy…LOVE

When we are in love with someone, especially the initial stages, nothing else seems to matter. Our cares and worries dissipate, we find ourselves smiling a lot, we feel secure, joyful and worthy.

Why not have this feeling ALL the time? 

For a very long time I ‘NEEDED” another person in my life to feel this way and then when I DIDNT feel this way, well, I blamed them. I would have to go and search then for the next person who would bring me these feelings.

Finding happiness and Joy within have always, to me, been a result of external circumstances. I really placed my self in the ‘victim’ role where my happiness was determined by others. Of course, this was never going to work. Its never any one elses responsibility to ensure your happiness.

Its always your responsibility as to how you feel in any moment.

I have now discovered that I dont need another person to ‘make’ me feel this way. I have the memory and the ability to feel this way no matter what, being on my own or with another. Being in love with every moment, every experience.

You must be in the moment though. Your mind has to be off the subject of ‘what is coming’ or ‘what has been.’

Yesterday, as I stood on a street listening to the beautiful sounds of a man playing the most gorgeous Spanish music on his electric guitar, I was totally in the moment, swept away by the beauty, the music, the feeling and the love I felt for it all.

I did break my trance at one point and noticed the other people  walking past me. I could see and feel on their faces that they were not there. They were in ‘the next moment’, the next ‘thing’ they had to do, the past ‘things’ that made them not feel the moment and a myriad of other reasons that they were not/could not be in the moment. I’m sure some of them, sadly,  didnt even hear the guitar when they passed it.

When we can consciously BE in the moment, appreciate and see the beauty of it, Love will seep into every pore of your skin, every cell of your body and every thought in your mind.

Here is something you can try today:

Close your eyes for a moment. When you close your eyes you turn the light out on what you see as reality and go to a place where you cannot be certain of anything…except your thoughts and imagination.

Breathe deeply, think about a time when you were madly in love with someone. A first love, the partner you have now, someone new in your life or whomever gives you that feeling of being IN LOVE.

Now, that person is not visible yet you still have the ability to feel this. Keep this feeling locked in. Open your eyes. There could, if you choose, be nothing stopping you from breathing deeply and having this feeling run through your body whenever you want. Is there? Only your thoughts about it.

And, this can happen whether you are in a relationship or not. Your choice.

The Universe is Love. When you think about it that way, we are IN the Universe therefore are we not IN Love all the time?

How would it change our lives if everyone could also FEEL in Love as well as BE in Love.

I like the dream of that Universe.