Childhood Games and Habits Can Tell Us A Lot About Our Passions and Purpose In Adulthood

I’ve been doodling today. Often, when I’m feeling a bit lost, or somehow isolated or ‘separate’ from others and life, I’m drawn to writing or creating art.

I thought about that today and realized I did the same thing as a teenager. Then when I remembered more and more, I noticed that many of the things I have stepped into as an adult, things and ways of living that truly have me feeling in alignment, are also things I did as a kid.

So interesting!

There have been many books, webinars and teachers that have come my way over the years asking about childhood habits and the correlation between that and what it is now in life that could also strike that same chord.

The only thing that ever really resonated with me was the games I used play as a child. One of the things I loved doing was setting up shops. Mainly gathering up books from around the house. It was all pretend but I loved being the shop keeper and loved helping people find the book (or whatever it was I was selling at my pretend shop!) that was perfect for them.

This reflects my entrepreneurial life. Setting up shops to sell services and products. To help others in some way.

Today though, while creating a new Mandala art, I realised something. mandala of love

My love of inspiring others and helping them find that place inside them that is Love, that is acceptance, that is truth, that is worthy, that is valuable, that is infinite and unbounded actually started as a young teenager (and perhaps before that however I don’t really remember).

And the truth of it is that I was searching for that place inside me.

I secluded myself a lot in my bedroom where I would ponder life, and I would create beautiful poetry, quotes and sayings, then draw them in calligraphy. Sometimes I would frame them and have them in my room but mostly, they were therapy for my own soul.

The same thing I do now…but in a different form and format.

Creating quotes, sayings and inspiration digitally through social media, and creating beautiful Mandala artworks for my healing room and house.

And although its usually when I feel separate, clunky, isolated, or choose to isolate myself that I create the best works, it is also my happy place…in my heart.

To discover this is gold. To discover this truly is peaceful.

Where is your happy place?

Is it also similar to my example of when I create artwork? Actually from a place of separation with the process of creating bring me back to oneness?

What did you love to do as a child and how is that showing up now as a passion and purpose?

I feel the best question to ask is this:

What do I love to do, that connects me with a place inside where I feel most ease, peace, love and joy?

And here is the exciting part…this can ALWAYS be a part of how you show up in the world and a part of how you live on purpose here, in career, family, self, abundance.

When we feel stressed, depressed and anxious it is because we are out of alignment of the truth within our Being. Rather than only explore the external issues (although they will give you the greatest clues!) it is necessary to go within and really tap into what spirit is saying to us.

Anything that is out of alignment will not feel good.

When it is in alignment and equal to what we desire in our hearts, it will feel good.

So, the question to ask yourself again:

What do I love to do, that connects me with a place inside where I feel most ease, peace, love and joy?

May you find your happy soulful place inside, then show it on the outside.

Love xo


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