Clear Your Blocks

As we move forward in life, often we become stuck.

Using different types of personal development techniques, we easily clear some of these old beliefs and patterns and are able to step into the next level of ourselves.

There are times however that no matter what we seem to do, the block or ‘stuckness’ can stay with us, leaving us immobilized and feeling like there is something wring with us, that we cannot move forward to where we want to be!

Its frustrating and lets face it…it can crush our dreams!

I know for me, the blocks, old beliefs and patterns and the ‘re running’ of  the ‘stuck’ thoughts left me feeling inadequate, feeling empty and feeling like there was something wrong with me! I felt I was NEVER going to step up into the person I knew I wanted to be and knew I was destined to be.

I thought I was doing everything I could to remove the blocks to abundance in my life, especially the areas of finances and relationship.

I thought I was dealing with what was holding me back…

Then one day I realised that I was going about it the wrong way!

I WAS STILL IN THE PROBLEM…WHICH KEPT IT ALIVE. I was ignoring my spirit voice which had been letting me know all along, exactly what I needed to change in my thoughts and actions and words, to move past the blocks.

This is EXACTLY what I am able to do for others too!

As a Clairaudient , I can have a conversation with you- soul to soul, spirit to spirit – and actually get to the heart of what is blocking you in moving forward.

Its a powerful way to actually get the the truth. If we are not ready to hear this truth it can be a little confronting but when we are ready, when the unseen blocks get so frustrating to us and we  KNOW there is something else, then getting to this truth is freeing.

In a session with me, you will experience insights and answers that may be totally surprising and confronting but if you are ready to move forward, past the blocks that have been holding you back, then the messages I receive for you, and from your spirit, could be just the thing to set you free.

Sessions go for about 60 minutes and are through phone or Skype. Included in our conversation, is a Reiki healing to help clear up the areas in your body and energy that need it. This remote healing session is done at the end of the session or at a scheduled time suitable to us both. As a Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, and Clairesentient, I can also often sense areas in your body that may be holding onto old beliefs, and we can work with those too.

Isnt it time to move forward? Isnt it time to discover and clear those blocks that have been holding you back?


Contact me here to book in. Sessions cost $155 and are for approximately 60 minutes. These are individual sessions. 


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