Happiness is a choice, YOUR choice

The truth of this is also a choice, as is everything in life.

Trish Rock www.trishrock.com

What are YOU consciously choosing in this moment right now?

  • Are you happy?
  • Are you feeling joy?
  • Are you fulfilled?
  • Are you living on purpose?

There was a time, not so long ago, that I would have answered no to all of these questions, and more. I was in total blame  and judgement about how unhappy ‘everyone else’ was ‘making’ me.

It couldnt have been anything to do with me…right?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to understand that by taking absolute responsibility for everything in my life, my heart was opened up to the choices I have the power to make. These include my level of happiness, joy and how I feel in every moment.

There ARE some moments now and then when I am unhappy but now that I know that it IS a choice, I quickly examine why I may be feeling that way, feel it, clear it and choose to be happy again.

And you can choose happiness too.

If you are ready to transform your life, knowing you have a choice in how you feel in any given moment is the first step.

Rather than blame…look at the people around you with love and compassion for they are there as your teacher, your guide, your mirror, to show you the resistance you have to changing your thoughts.

It’s only a choice away. Say yes to a new way of thinking. It will feel awkward at first and your little voice will be saying all sorts of crazy things to get you back to blame and criticism. Listen but ask yourself this: Is it true? Most of what that monkey on your shoulder is saying to you is false.Trish Rock https://trishrock.com

Ask for guidance. Ask for help. Just when you feel like nothing is working for you and the way to transformation becomes just too much of a hill to climb…ask your angels to show you what your next step is. (or God/Universe/whatever you choose to believe or whomever you pray to). The way will be shown. It may be something significant or a tiny little step. It will come in the form of a message, a sign, a song, a word, a person, a book, a tv show, an email, an awareness or a thought. But have faith that you are being shown the next step.

And that is a choice too. A choice that many do not make.

I know that you are different. I know that these words you are reading now are YOUR message, in the perfect timing. I know that you have MADE THE CHOICE to be happy and this is your sign that you need to keep believing, keep questioning the truth of things and to keep on smiling, keep on transforming to the greatness you are.

Happiness is a choice.

Its YOUR choice in this very moment.


ps. We all need support during any type of change or transformation and it would be an honour to be that support for you at this time. Lets talk things out. I can assist with the challenges you may be having around the choices you are making and the change you wish to see. If you are serious about making happiness your priority in life, I’m ready to work with you at https://trishrock.com/lets-talk