Have you ever woken up in the morning full of self doubt?

  • About who you are?
  • About your career/business?
  • About your abilities?

It happens to all of us but the important thing to remember here is what you DO about it.

Do you stay in the self doubt and beat yourself up?Trish Rock https://trishrock.com


do you react to it differently and feel gratitude that it has been brought to your attention?

Here’s a few thoughts you can ponder to change how you feel about it, right now.
1. Know that you are never given an inspiration/idea/talent/thought or vision if you are not totally capable of achieving it. Ever.

2. Every moment of self doubt will bring something into your awareness that grows you a little bit more to become the shining light you are. Therefore gratitude will change the way you feel immediately.

3. Watch/read/listen/study someone who is already doing what you are/want to be doing. Write down every trait you admire in them. Then write yourself a short paragraph explaining how you also have these traits (which you do, or you would not be noticing them 🙂 )


I remember when I used to look at all the people I admired and what a big difference they were making in this world and I would say to myself “I cant do that. I’m not good enough. I would never be a good as them”

Now, by doing the exercise with identifying the traits in them that I admire and recognising they are also my traits, it is far easier and quicker to rid myself of any thoughts of self doubt and to stay in gratitude for all I am and all I am becoming.

And it can be the same for you.

You MUST take some kind of action though. Staying in the feeling of self doubt will not serve you, or those around you. Taking action, even if it is just to find one thing to be grateful for, will get you back to the state of well being and inspiration from where all things manifest.

So, have you ever doubted yourself? Congratulations, for it is in those times that you can fully embrace the magnificence of who you are and you can feel gratitude for all you are becoming.




ps. Need an open ear? Often the greatest relief can be someone who just gets it, and lets you know its ok, then can encourage you to move forward to a state of love and gratitude. LETS TALK