Are You Thriving or Surviving?

The first reaction to a statement such as this is usually coming from the emotions and feelings of a financial thought.

I feel the common answer would be:

Am I thriving right now?

No, I feel like I’m simply surviving!

I’d like to throw a different energy into this today with a new perspective on it that may take us all into a higher vibration, a more joyful life and a way of Being that is our Truth.

We can all THRIVE in every moment.

Simply SURVIVING is a choice.

What do I mean by these statements?

There are many ways in which we can thrive, now, today.

I believe that by honouring ourselves, respecting and protecting our own energy and by choosing ‘THRIVE’ in each moment, we can create so much MORE than a life where we simply feel like we are surviving, or keeping our heads above water.

Recently, I made a decision about a few things in my life. To make changes.

To BE more often in a THRIVING environment rather than one that kept me feeling like I was fighting for every breath!

Have you ever felt like that?

It seems ok for a while but eventually it drains the spark, the life, the energy from us.

Yes, we can have a positive attitude and a great outlook but do we even need to place ourselves here? What is it about ourselves that we don’t like and that we feel we need to punish by being in a vibrational energy that is keeping us dull? value


Here is a list of 10 of the things I have declared for myself now and that you can also make yours:

  1. I will honour, love and respect myself first in all situations
  2. I will not stay in environments that drain all of my energy
  3. I will not stay anywhere I am not truly accepted and respected
  4. I will not be in one way relationships that are all take and no give
  5. I will lift others, especially when they cannot lift themselves right now
  6. I will BE the Light
  7. I will know at the core of me that am a Divine Being and so is everyone else, and everything else.
  8. My failures will be seen as the elimination of the ideas that don’t serve me well and as such, a reason to celebrate
  9. I choose ease in every moment and situation
  10. My self care is just as important as the care of others

THRIVING is a complete package.

It is true therefore that when we are thriving from the inside that the external will also show proof of this.

Being in flow in all energy areas within our bodies is vital too so its important to take a look at the specific areas of life that are ‘survival mode’ and perhaps do the Chakra Energy work in that area. I have a whole series of Chakra Meditations here that may help: MEDITATIONS

Ready to THRIVE and forget the SURVIVE energy?

I encourage you to create your own list of self care/self honour changes that you will make today. Use some of mine of you like!

Remember its all about feeling great, feeling Joy, high vibration, being lifted and shining our Light. Are you in that place now? What would it take to BE there now? Start today to make the shifts inside and watch the miracles happen.

Love x


If you would like with me personally to clear those areas of energy that may be keeping you in survival rather than in THRIVE energy, please contact me at, call me or check out what I offer here: WORK WITH ME