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Changing perceptions, Creating Miracles

Lets talk about miracles, perception and choice.

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One of my mentors, Gabby Bernstein, who teaches ACIM and has written many books including the latest- Miracles Now- says that Miracles are a change of perception.

I totally agree. The same situation or circumstance can be seen through different eyes and experienced in a different way simply by changing our perception of it.

Mostly in life we see things through the eyes and emotions of what our subconscious mind has been taught and what it has stored as memory. When our reality presents itself in front of us, what we see, hear and feel is totally different to anyone else who may also be experiencing it. Why is that?

We know that for instance when you have 2 or more witnesses to a crime scene that each one will give a different account of the same event. Seen through different eyes, with different perceptions, beliefs and subconscious settings, each person experiences the moment, their way.

Keeping this in mind, would it be true to say that if one experience can be seen, heard, felt and experienced in many different ways, then the actual experience is really only dependant on the observer?

In our own lives then, what if we became the observer, rather than believing we are the experience?

Let me explain that a little further.

What if, in any given moment, we could become the eyes that are looking at the situation, rather than feeling powerless or overcome with subconscious programming and thoughts about the situation?

The truth is that the only thing keeping us from being the natural observer that we are, the spirit, or soul, or source energy that we are, here to experience the physical, is the ego mind that has been filled with less than empowered thoughts, that has been trained to react rather than respond and has been taught to fear.

Every experience we have is a chance for us to see ourselves, its also an opportunity to see everything through the eyes of Love, for that is who you are. There are miracles in that.

The first step in responding with Love rather than reacting with fear is to breathe, take a step back mentally and don’t take anything personally. Once we can do that, the fear dissipates and we can see the situation in Light and Love. That in itself changes everything. That shift in perception will totally change the way you feel in that moment.

Once Love is the feeling we are vibrating, the fear, the blame, the judgement and the anger will disappear. It takes practice and it takes a conscious effort in many situations. We are human and have very active egos, which we need, to participate in the human experience, however the ego can be recognized and put aside in certain situations so that we may become the observer and the Light.

Once I began this practice of being love in every situation, changing my perception of what I thought was happening and shifting my energy to be the Light, miracles really did start to occur in my life.

Its not always easy, and its often easier NOT to change the way we see something but if you are looking to change any area of your life, to manifest a new reality and to create more Love in your life then you must begin by Being Love, by Being the Light, by Being willing to step back from the ego and fear and remember the pure love and light you are.

This human experience is an adventure, that’s for sure! That’s why we signed up for it right! But remember who you truly are and then the miracle of you will show up in your reality in every moment.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Try this practice. Next opportunity that comes along to step out of reaction and into response…take it. Breathe, BE the Love that you are.

May you be happy and may everything you think, say and do create peace in your world and the world of others.



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