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The Unseen Energy

In todays podcast Id like to discuss energy, our energy, your energy, the energy of the world, the energy of nature, the energy of the planets…the unseen energy that affects us all.

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Have you ever had a day when all of a sudden you felt sad for no reason? Or you felt angry for no apparent reason? Or you felt drained for no reason?

Have you also had those days when you could also feel the higher vibrations of joy, love and happiness, for no apparent reason?

We tend to analyse everything we feel, well, I do anyway and Im sure many of you listening are the same! But in a conscious effort to have better thoughts and feelings, its important to know where the emotions are erupting from and take the next step in dissolving or letting go of them.

Here’s the thing though, not all feelings and emotions are ours.

Once I was taught that, everything changed for me. I stopped taking on the energy of others, of the world, and really looked at each different mood or feeling I had and asked ‘Who does this belong to?’ This is a classic question from the amazing Dr Dain Heer from Access Consciousness and honestly, for me,  it had instant results and affects.

Who does this belong to?

When I ask this question, mostly the lower energy feelings I may be going through just disappear. They go, just like that. Its total magic.

When the feeling don’t budge, then I know that they are mine and I then ask different questions such as ‘why am I feeling this and how can I change it right now?’

The energy we all are, affects everyone and everything.

We are all part of the one, and as part of the whole, the whole feels and is affected by all we are.

Quite often lately I feel the tragic events of the world. I am not one for watching tv, listening to the news or reading media of any kind and while I usually do hear, see or get told the events of the world, more often than not I feel it. The sadness…I feel it. The turbulence on the weather…I feel it. Just as I feel the jubilation of celebrations and the joy of events and people, near me and across the world.

The higher energy is obviously so much nicer to have that often we don’t have to ask the question, we just enjoy it!

I know for any of you it’s the same. As empaths, we feel the energy of those around us as well as those not directly around us.

So the question: Who does this belong to…

It really will clear how you are feeling.

Recently I experienced an example of this that really stood out.

I remember it clearly, and while this is only one example, believe it when I say that this happens a lot  and now that I can easily recognize it, clear it, and make a different choice in the moment, my day is not so disrupted and disjointed with feelings that suddenly used to turn nasty and have me in my closed emotional shell a lot!

I was in an elevator and then in a room at the local hospital. All was well and then all of a sudden everyone I came into contact with really irritated me. A lot!

Immediately I knew this was not mine. There was someone elses irritated, angry and hurt energy, or that of many, hanging around there in that room and possibly also the elevator, that I had taken on.

Back in the elevator I asked the question…Who does this belong to?

It eased, and then I swept my body of the energy and repeated a few times, this is not mine, this is not mine, leave me now.

Good feelings returned.

If I had known this magic and personal empowerment years ago it would have saved me a lot of grief! But all is perfect and in perfect timing and I guess if I had of known this back then, the experiences I have had would not have been as life changing for me and I would not be here right now talking about it, trying to help others restore higher feelings and energy whenever they choose.

Unseen energy…it’s a big topic and Ive only just touched on the energy here that can immediately affect us in our everyday.

Everything is energy. We only see with our physical eyes and our human senses a tiny part of it but if we could imagine there was nothing solid (which there isn’t) and just the vibrating energy of the particles, then our view would be quite different, as would our everyday experience of life because we would know that we are all connected, to everything, and that what we think, do and be is felt by all and everything.

I believe we would all love more and see love in everything then. What a most beautiful place.

And that is a place we can all live, right now. It a choice. It’s a thought. Its who you are and be.

Give this practice a go this week and see if you can change your energy at will. Remember, we are what we think.


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