Miracles | Magic | Love: Coffee Mug Collection

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MIRACLES | MAGIC | LOVE  Coffee Mug Collection

Stepping into a new way of thinking and feeling is easier when we are reminded of our Magnificence.

This beautiful collection of affirming and empowering mugs will remind you daily of your greatness and also help your energy flow in each Chakra area.

They make a great gift for yourself or a loved one!


♥ BASE: The Base, or Root Chakra is all about grounding, physical possessions, survival, prosperity, money, action and abundance.

Root Chakra Collection
R 1 $12.95 AUD
R 2 $12.95 AUD
R 3 $12.95 AUD
R 4 $12.95 AUD
R 5 $12.95 AUD


♥ SACRAL: The Sacral Chakra is all about emotions, feelings, sexuality, creativity and relationship.

Sacral Chakra Collection
SC 1 $12.95 AUD
SC 2 $12.95 AUD
SC 3 $12.95 AUD
SC 4 $12.95 AUD
SC 5 $12.95 AUD


♥ SOLAR PLEXUS: The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about personal power, presence, pride, confidence and will power.


Solar Plexus Collection
SP 1 $12.95 AUD
SP 2 $12.95 AUD
SP 3 $12.95 AUD
SP 4 $12.95 AUD
SP 5 $12.95 AUD


♥ HEART: The Heart Chakra is all about Love, healing and Source energy. The ability to Love freely, without fear or self consciousness is generated here. Self acceptance and gratitude.

Heart Chakra Collection
H 1 $12.95 AUD
H 2 $12.95 AUD
H 3 $12.95 AUD
H 4 $12.95 AUD
H 5 $12.95 AUD


♥ HIGHER HEART: The Higher Heart Chakra is our gateway to peace, wisdom, transformation, the total acceptance of all that is and the understanding of the Divine Order.

Higher Heart Chakra Collection
HH 1 $12.95 AUD
HH 2 $12.95 AUD
HH 3 $12.95 AUD
HH 4 $12.95 AUD
HH 5 $12.95 AUD



♥ THROAT: The Throat Chakra is about communication, speaking your Truth, and expression.Being open and honest about how we feel about ourselves and others and expressing that is key here.

Throat Chakra Collection
T 1 $12.95 AUD
T 2 $12.95 AUD
T 3 $12.95 AUD
T 4 $12.95 AUD
T 5 $12.95 AUD


coffee-mugs-third-eye-chakra♥ THIRD EYE: The Third Eye Chakra is all about intuition, seeing the Truth and feeling connected.When we have a clear connection to our inner guidance, life become much more flowing and there is more grace and ease.

Third Eye Chakra Collection
TE 1 $12.95 AUD
TE 2 $12.95 AUD
TE 3 $12.95 AUD
TE 4 $12.95 AUD
TE 5 $12.95 AUD



♥ CROWN: The Crown Chakra is all about knowing, Divinity and inspiration. Your link to the Divine oneness that we all are.

Crown Chakra Collection
C 1 $12.95 AUD
C 2 $12.95 AUD
C 3 $12.95 AUD
C 4 $12.95 AUD
C 5 $12.95 AUD


♥ SOUL STAR: The Soul Star Chakra is your connection to the Higher Self and where higher spiritual abilities are stored.  It is the gateway to the other transcendental chakras in line with your crown and is the portal to pure Divine energy.

Soul Star Chakra Collection
SS 1 $12.95 AUD
SS 2 $12.95 AUD
SS 3 $12.95 AUD
SS 4 $12.95 AUD
SS 5 $12.95 AUD

Order now by clicking on the ADD TO CART button and choosing the Chakra colour and the CODE NUMBER.  Delivery times are up to 4 weeks from time of ordering. Prices are in AUD.

For any enquiries please email trish@trishrock.com.

Postage may vary in different countries and location and I will correspond with you if there are any variations. Any purchases arriving damaged from transit will be refunded.

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