“Standing In Your Grace Is Standing In Your Divine Presence” 

Yesterday I watched an interview with Caroline Myss. It was different to anything I had heard before and I was fascinated with how she was framing what she believes to be true in this lifetime.

One of the questions that was asked was about energy, and her opinion on how our ‘energy’ affect others. Her answer drew me in like a moth to the light:

Caroline said that she believed it was not ‘energy’ that we affect others with but Grace.

It really made sense to me. It was like I already had a knowing of that and it was confirmed through this statement. What we need to hear is always delivered, on time, perfectly.

We all talk about our energy and how we can radiate a good energy outwardly to the world or not. Its a conscious choice. Yes I believe this to be true for we all have energy fields, as does everything, because everything is ‘in motion’. Sharing and emanating a great energy field can certainly influence and bring better feelings to another. I totally agree. It also give us a presence that attracts others to us, as well as the manifests we ask for.

Grace, on the other hand, is a totally different presence.

Grace and Presence-Trish Rock https://trishrock.com

Grace allows us to stand in our love, to be present in our compassion and to be one with the other in truth, light and spirit.

Having a presence and mind of Grace allows us to connect with another soul on a deeper level so that they can be reminded of their own truth of who they are.

Grace allows us to decide in each moment what we say and whether it is coming from the correct intention.

Grace allows us to BE.

Grace allows OTHERS to BE.

A presence of Grace, in my belief, is what the great leaders have had and continue to have. A presence that is non judgemental, compassionate and simply pure Love radiating from the truth of their being. A presence that draws out the essence of those around them in a way that is not only most effective but feels as if they have not done a thing. A humbleness that is louder than any words.

Standing in your presence of Grace allows others to also stand in their Grace.

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I also believe that when we are truly in this presence and state of Grace, the need for recognition of any kind falls away and we simply give our Love to the world, knowing we are making a difference to people we will never even meet but are connected to on a deeper level.

Reconnecting to our essence, and the experience of that, is happening faster than ever before. By BEing in our presence of Grace and Love, we are home.

Here is the link to the interview if you would like to watch it. Its fascinating and I would love to hear from you as to what your thoughts are after you watch it. We will all take away something different from it, so whats your take?

Lilou Mace Interviews Caroline Myss

And I would highly recommend you watch many of the other interviews Lilou has done as they are fabulous!

I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.


Trish x