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Discover and Create Your Own Unique Reality-

One Chakra At A Time

Creating a life that we love, one that is unique to us and one that feels joyful and in total alignment with who we are, often escapes us. Why? Because we are so busy wondering what others are doing or BEing, we are so busy ourselves and do not make time to do and BE, and then there is this factor in the equation:

The energy is not flowing well in our energy body and etheral bodies.

This is due to limiting beliefs that may be new, or may have started as a child without us even realising.

When our energy flow is erratic or non existent, it will affect certain areas of our lives.

For instance, for many years I worked on my upper energy flow- the upper 4 Chakras- and got very frustrated that my confidence levels never improved, my abundance and financial prosperity was low and my emotions seemed to run the show most of the time!

Then, I began to focus on my lower 3 Chakras and in a very short period of time, financial flow was coming, my emotions were under more control and my self empowered state had improved considerably!

This 8 day course will enable you to get in touch with your Chakra energy system and relate each one to an area of your life. You will have the opportunity to follow the exercises and work to improve these areas and if you do, you will see changes in your reality.

The confidence and love to BE our own unique self comes with opening and flowing our energy centres so that we can OWN who we are, LOVE who we are and BE who we are, unapologetically.

Get started right away and discover the simply ways that will make a big difference to how you show up in this world.
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