Trish Rock https://trishrock.comOne of things in this life experience that makes my heart sing is when my words and thoughts are valued by others.

Its always been really easy for me to ‘tune in’ to people and offer intuitive words of comfort/solution or advice. I think this is why my 28 year salon career was so successful. People just liked being in my presence and had a fabulous experience that left them feeling better about themselves.

I gave up salon work in 2009 and one of the biggest reasons was that I knew I had a bigger message to share and there were mostly people coming into my salons that were not really interested in ‘getting out of the drama’ they were in. And while that was ok, I KNEW I was not on purpose with this audience.

This morning it really hit home to me that I am now surrounded by people,  in my personal and business life, that care about my words. They seek my advice and value my opinion.

How absolutely blessed I feel, to be sharing this talent now with others that it resonates with and for whom I can make a difference. To serve in this way truly brings joy to my soul.

The value we feel externally is a direct reflection of how valuable we see our selves internally and this has been a huge lesson for me.

How is your value level showing up in your experience?