My life has changed dramatically over the past 6 years.

How did I achieve this change?

I changed my story.

Was it simple to change my story?


Was it easy?


What kept me going?

The pain of the old story was more painful than moving forward to the new.

We all have our story of what the reality is for us right now. It seems real, yes, it does, but at any moment we can change that reality. Its a choice.

When I first heard this truth I didnt believe it. 

After a few years of ‘doing the work’ to change my reality and not seeing the results I desired, I DEFINITELY did not believe this truth.

Then something shifted. Something inside me. A knowing. A trust. A remembering of who I really am. Of who we all are. That connection to all. That oneness of energy we all are.

Then, the NEW STORY I have been creating became a reality. Just like that.

Some of us have this shift quickly, some of us dont. I think the most important thing to remember is that IF YOU CHOOSE TO CHANGE YOUR STORY AND CREATE A NEW ONE, its about the depth of the decision and the trust you have that it is done.

The work I had to do to create this change started in my mind.



In my mind, I had to figure out that I already had everything I desired, I already was everything that I wanted to become and I already knew that I was connected to everything. The old words had to stop replaying. They had to be replaced with new ones, new thoughts, new truths.

The people that have helped me along the way have been important too. Not just the friends, family, coaches and mentors that have helped in a positive way. But all the other emotions that I have felt too, by the reactions I have chosen to have, with the situations that have happened around me, through me and to me.

Everything in perfect Divine timing to show me the next step, to show me where I needed to change my mind, to show me where I needed to change my words and actions.

So many of us are stuck, as I was, in the story that kept repeating, repeating and repeating.

Enough is enough.

You deserve better. You deserve to have whatever reality you desire. You deserve to have a new story of your choice.

Taking responsibility for our emotions, feelings and reactions to everything and everyone around us in the first step. Not easy sometimes but if we can ask the questions of ourselves, and stop all blame outside of ourselves, then the change will begin.

Whats YOUR current story? Is it a reality you are loving?

Take the first step to change- make the decision, the choice, that you are worthy of the life you desire. Then look for the next step and take it.

The change is within. The change is up to you.

Trish x