You Don’t NEED To Do The Inner Work. You Don’t NEED To Feel Empowered.

In this current society, which some call the ‘New Age’, but which I prefer to call THIS AGE, NOW, we are being called from all directions to change, to expand, to grow, to let  go and to live an ‘EMPOWERED LIFE’.

Now of course in many circles this isn’t even a topic. The physical life and human existence is in the forefront of daily living. Spirit and inner work are not discussed or even accepted in some instances!

But if you are in the same type of circles I wander and live in, you will have seen the call for you to rise up and BE a better person, from the inside, from the inner core of you and your mind.

This can be intimidating to many who consequently feel like a failure if they cannot rise up as expected. Ive been there!

Here’s what I want you to know though:

  • You do not NEED to do this work.
  • You do not NEED to be empowered.
  • You do not NEED to be ‘enlightened’.
  • You don’t NEED to do any of it.

You can stay exactly as you are. Live in the status quo if you choose. Just live.

And that’s ok.

But for the people who choose to embark on this inner adventure, there is a sense of freedom that ensues.

It is hard to describe in words but feels something like “I Am Home”

Once again, you don’t NEED to do this work, but should you WANT to do it, the rewards are immense.

When we feel we HAVE to do something, there is often an internal button of rebellion that says ‘why should I!?’ It’s the rebel, the rule breaker, the small child refusing to eat the vegetable called ‘empowerment’ even though they know they wont get the toy called ‘self worth’ if they don’t.

Changing this mindset to understand that you only ‘need’ to do this if you ‘want’ to will bring instant relief and you may even find yourself gulping down those empowerment veges so fast that your life changes in an instant!

If you happen to be in victim mindset right now, you might find more comfort staying in the familiar rather than moving to the unfamiliar but speaking from my heart (and my old victim mindset) I can tell you that as soon as you step out of blame and into personal responsibility, EVERYTHING changes.

So, should you eagerly choose that you want and desire change, for you, not to please anyone else or to ‘play by the invisible pressure of these rules’ in your circles, where do you start?

Identifying where you are NOT feeling freedom is the first step.

What does your life feel and look like right now?

  1. Being disrespected or dishonoured in a relationship?
  2. History of being abused physically, mentally or emotionally?
  3. Addictions or bad habits that are affecting your vitality and health?
  4. ‘Unlucky’ in love?
  5. ‘Unlucky’ in life?
  6. Continuing health issues?
  7. In a job you hate just to pay the bills?
  8. No passion for life?
  9. Financial stress?

What could feeling empowered and doing the inner work achieve for you?

  1. Relationships that are authentic and respectful
  2. The strength and self worth to not accept abuse of any kind
  3. Releasing those addictions and habits that no longer serve you
  4. Finding lasting love
  5. Finding freedom in life
  6. Feeling vibrant and healthy
  7. Working in a career or job that is satisfying and rewarding
  8. Waking up each morning with passion and excitement for the day!
  9. Financial Freedom!

Ive helped and worked with some incredible people who have chosen to step into a more empowered lifestyle and energy and it is the ones who come voluntarily, rather than thinking they have been forced to change, that get the best and fastest results.

There have been many instances for me too, over the past 9 years that change could have been a lot faster that it was, but the rebel in me was saying no to the vegetables.

I now eagerly await the next shift, the next change, the next way I can feel more empowered and the next level of freedom.

Eating the vegetables is SO worth it! (Metaphorically and physically in this instance!)

  • Are you ready to feel freedom?
  • Are you ready to live the life you’ve been dreaming of?
  • Are you ready to understand and feel how magnificent you are?
  • Are you ready to experience more ease in your life?
  • Are you ready to feel like you are home?
  • Are you ready to eat the vegetables of self empowerment and inner peace?

This isn’t about being overwhelmed with it all either. Its about taking the first step. That first bite.

Fear is only valid when we are in a past emotion or are anticipating a future outcome. Take that first step and the fear will dissipate and change to curiosity and excitement.

I can help you with this journey.

I can show you how to identify and find the way to your self empowered and magnificent life.

We only have one opportunity on this planet as this person we are here to be. However there is ALWAYS opportunity to change direction, shift the sails and change whats on your plate of purpose, passion and freedom.

Should you CHOOSE to do the inner work because you WANT to, there are miracles awaiting.

Love and Blessings

Trish xo

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