Would the real YOU please stand up?

Are you hiding?

Are you being what others want you to be, or expect you to be?

Are you doing what others want you to be, or expect you to do?

When will the REAL YOU emerge, stand up and shine?

Would the real you please stand up.

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Each of us here on this planet has a destiny. Each of us has a purpose. Each of us, has a shining light flowing through us constantly. Each of us has God energy that fills us and carries us towards our perfect experience here in this lifetime.

It is something we know on a soul level when we are born. But we forget…

Every day I grow to see this realness in myself, the real and authentic person that is inside of me, and the Truth of the human I am becoming daily. I also see and experience many others ‘remembering’ their Truth.

There was a time not so long ago that my truth was only alive deep, deep inside of me, hidden for fear of rejection, quiet for fear of discovery. Integrity has always been a high value for me but authenticity, well, I never really knew what it truly meant, until I became it.

So why do we hide who we are? Why are we afraid to shine? Why are we staying in the quiet shadows when we have a calling inside of us to speak out?

Even with the many ways our life experience  shuts us down, we CAN shine, we CAN once again BE our authentic self and we CAN do it now.

Would The Real YOU Please Stand Up?

How do we start to BE again?

  • Small steps, daily
  • Listen to the inner voice
  • Take action
  • Speak up
  • Listen to your heart
  • Listen to others
  • Be honest- with yourself and others
  • Be kind – to yourself and others
  • Be loving – to yourself and others

Love, honour, respect, kindness and love for yourself first, will automatically, and magically, turn things around and you will begin to give it to all you meet, and then begin to receive it all from others too.

www.trishrock.com i see you

Life will change for you, Yes, its true. Often its this change that we fear. Often its this fear that keeps us stuck, keeps us hiding, keeps us silent.

Choose Love more often, and fear will dissipate.

Choose Love more often and the next step will easily appear.

Choose Love more often and the Light that is inside you will shine brighter and brighter, until you can no longer ignore it.

Choose Love.

Choose You.

Will The Real YOU Please Stand Up Now?

Love x