Happiness: An Inside Job

Ive been studying happiness in my own life for some time now.

Just a handful of years back I believed happiness came from other people, other things, outside circumstances.

I believed I was UNHAPPY because of everyone and everything else!

This energy of blame and victim mindset is present among many people in this world right now and its an energy that creates more bad, negative energy.

But what if…WE had control of our OWN energy?

What if…WE could BE HAPPY no matter what was happening outside of us?

What if…If was up to us? Our choice?

Well my friend here is the secret- IT IS.

Recently I did a survey and asked some people about what they thought happiness was. It was interesting to see some unique answers and points of view and also to see a thread of sameness.

I feel people truly do know that their happiness is up to them. Its an inner feeling. An inner place of peace. Its a choice.


The outer circumstances that are brought up in response to the question: What makes you happy” are, I believe added energy and feelings that go above what we already feel inside. They are the feelings of passion, bliss, fulfillment and greater Love that outside influences can bring.

But the true feelings of happiness are within us. It starts with a choice.

Yes, we may not be happy with people or situations outside of our self however to experience the happiness we seek, we must go within and make a choice to feel peace,calm and happiness despite what is going on around us.

The outside reality we experience is actually the materialisation of the inside reality we are deciding to experience.

Want to change your current reality? Change how you feel first.

Choose happiness no matter what.

Choose Love over fear and choose a higher energy vibration, higher emotional feelings, over the lower vibration, negative energy feelings.

Happiness is an inside job. It is unique to you and it is a choice.

Awareness in this moment will show you whether you are choosing it or not.


Love x