Trish Rock https://trishrock.comI used to believe  intuition was all based on the energy emanating from my heart, third eye and crown chakras. Now, I have come to understand a different truth.

This morning, while practicing my usual grounding ‘rituals’ at the waters edge, it occurred to me that having a strong grounding meant more than the usual outcomes of stability, centredness and all the masculine qualities associated with those energetic chakra centres.

Since my work in these areas began, some 6 months ago, my actual intuitive powers have also blossomed.

This is interesting to me because for many years I focused solely on the chakras, and energy, of my heart, 3rd eye and crown.

Every practice, routine, technique or tool I used, learned and used had absolutely nothing to do with being grounded. I didnt know the power of this area and I certainly didnt associate it with my ability to feel, manifest, heal or channel.

Here’s what happened as soon as I began to strengthen my ‘other’ chakra energies.

  • More money started flowing in.
  • More empowered words began flowing in and out of my hands
  • More confidence in my intuitive messages meant more trust in my truth
  • More centredness meant that I now have a ‘peace’ within me that is constant, no matter what is happening on the external.
  • Overall…I feel more whole, more empowered, more, intuitive and trusting and I am definitely experiencing more happiness and joy in every moment.

After my grounding exercise at the water this morning (explained below in the exercise),  I then saw this most beautiful bright red eucalyptus bush, flowering in all its glory! The bees in the image also added to my ‘intuitive’ interpretation of the seeing of this particular plant.Trish Rock

You see, the bees turned to this vibrant red flower for their strength, their energy and their life. Without it, they would have just been ‘floating’ around.

Here’s the analogy for me: Increase my bottom chakras, my masculine energies, my groundedness, and  life as a whole becomes even more my truth and intuition serves me in a more empowered way, to bring more value to others and self, as I am balanced rather than ‘floating’ along.

If this has been the same for you, and up till now you have really been doing a lot of work on your higher chakras, yet not seeing abundance flowing in or still having challenges with your faith in your abilities, I would encourage you to practice the following exercise to become more grounded and increase your empowered masculine energies. It will make a big difference you will feel and experience.

Grounding Exercise

Stand with your feet a comfortable distance apart for stability. Bare feet on soil, grass or sand is ideal however shoes are ok, as is just where you are in a room or the like. As long as you can stand and be undisturbed for a few moments.

Close your eyes. Imagine your feet can grow roots, like a tree, and that they are reaching all the way to the centre of the earth. You feel secure, firmly placed in that spot you are standing, and steady.

Now imagine the colour red coming into your body from the ground. Flooding in from your feet, up your legs, swirling around your torso and then into your arms and head.

Also imagine a beautiful white light streaming in through your crown chakra (top of your head).

OK, here’s what I want you to do…on your in breath (make it long and slow) imagine this powerful red colour rising up ans swirling into your body, every cell, every space. Then…on the out breath imagine the bright white light entering through your head and swirling down your body, meeting the red and mixing together. See them ‘dancing’ in every cell.

Repeat this with deep breaths in and out for a few minutes. I usually do at least 10 slow, deep breaths.

You will feel very stable yet invigorated after doing this exercise. Its a great time to then do something you may have been putting off or make a decision on something you have been procrastinating on. Trust what comes up for you.

Intuitive ability is fantastic (we all have it you know) but mixed with grounding and centredness, personal empowerment, abundance, prosperity and true balance will follow.

Let us all know  how you go with the exercise by sharing in the comments or over in the Facebook Community.

Be strong in your wholeness.