Trish Rock https://trishrock.comOver the past few years I have discovered many mentors and inspirational people that have not only helped me to overcome  blocks in life, but have given me a totally new perspective, or paradigm, on life,in life and about life…and who we are.

Recently, I was having a conversation with someone about Louise Hay. She is the author of numerous books, the creator of Hayhouse and one of the big changemakers in this world. I was first introduced to her work many years ago. The first book I purchased, ‘You Can Heal Your Life‘, changed many things for me, as it does for countless others.

Basically her book is about the relationship between your thoughts and your body. what we think and feel, about ourselves and others, affects us at a cellular level which shows up as an ailment or dis-ease in our body.

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The first thing I did after reading this book, was to go through and recognise the areas of my body and health that were uncomfortable for me or causing pain. There was a long list! From hayfever to stomach problems, arthritic fingers to eye sight and many other niggling problems I had.

I went to work on myself.

According to Louise, we can change the way our body is reacting by changing our thoughts. A bit ‘woo woo’ for some and totally disregarded by others however the proof is in the doing and when many of my discomforts began to disappear, just by changing my mind, needless to say that this book has become a very important part of my life and I tell people about it every chance I get.

In a conversation recently about this topic, and a suggestion I made regarding the power of the mind to ease a problem that this person was having, the very strong reaction and answer was:

“Saying some words or thinking some different thoughts is NOT going to cure this thing I have!”

Its a common reaction but here is something to ponder…

What if it did?


What if LOVING the way things are, changed the way things are for you?

Changing our mind about how we see things makes a big difference. In some cases it will totally change the way our body is behaving or feeling. In some cases it may not actually change or ‘cure’ a condition BUT it may change the way we FEEL about the condition.

What if…You Simply Just loved What Is?

Rather than resisting and ‘fighting’ what it is you are unhappy about, feeling uncomfortable about, sick with/of, suffering from/with, try accepting it. Accepting what is will change what is. Its that simple. The way you FEEL about what is is crucial in how it keeps manifesting.

The first step is to accept you are ready to not have this current story that is running in your mind/life. (It IS only a story and a story can be changed)

Decide what it is you want to change and decide how you want to feel. Referencing the ideas and words from this book will help you to understand why the things are happening within you, then you can set about making things different OR feeling differently about those things you cannot change.

Make today THE DAY you choose to think differently…so you can FEEL differently.

It really is up to you how you are feeling, and this will change everything for you, your life and your body. I know. I have done it and continue to do it.

You are a Divine being with the power to create the life you choose. Begin today.