What if…

Your Imagination Was Actually Your Reality?

Trish Rock https://trishrock.comEverything you imagine, is being created and will show up for you in reality. This is true of positive thoughts and negative thoughts.

Its your choice as to which is true for you in this very moment.

Begin imagining how YOU WANT your life to look, feel and be. THEN begin to believe it. You are a powerful being, capable of creating your own reality…exactly the way you see it in your imagination.

Begin to say ‘What if..?”

  • What if I DID have that job?
  • What if I DID have the car I desired?
  • What if I DID have the relationship I wanted?
  • What if I DID have the body I would be happy with?

And then, find the feeling of that. The actually THING is not really what we ultimately want. Its the FEELING of that thing and by imagining that you already had it, more ‘things’ in your reality will appear to bring you those feelings. What if…I already felt that?



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