The Twilight Zone between 3D Humanity & The Conscious

Two days ago I flicked a caterpillar off one of my beautiful rose buds that had started to open.

The rose is called Double Delight and it gives you just that! A double dose of gorgeous scent along with the visual that is breathtaking in its combination of pinks, creams, soft apricots and whites.

The bush only produces 2 -3 at a time and on this occasion, two buds were there about to bloom.

I flicked the caterpillar off but there were many holes and bruises in its wake. I felt a bit angry at the time that one of the 2 rose buds had been destroyed but delighted in the fact that it had helped create the feed for a soon to be butterfly.

Mostly these days I am peaceful, calm, grateful and living in a higher consciousness where I choose who I spend time with, what I feel, where my future is headed and how I offer service to the planet. Its a more 5D experience.

Like many people though I still also have a full time job and don’t always get to choose who I surround myself with there.

Today it really stood out to me how many humans are still living unconsciously. Power driven. Ego driven. Money driven. Self important and riteous.

I find it challenging to comprehend and not allow it to creep into my emotions some days.

The silent contempt and disrespect that hits me hard.

It never used to, all those years ago, because I was there, right in the middle of it all!

But now, it feels so opposite of who I am that even my compassion ends up on a very thin thread. The 3D humans are still very much a part of this world and I understand that. I guess the blessing to have the contrast is that it brings me to deeper contemplation and self empowerment and a higher place of love for myself and others.

I have a community of over 6ooo people that treat me with respect. I am a published author many times over and a best selling author. Im a global coach and mentor. An inspirational speaker and a good, fun and interesting person to be around.

The disrespect outside of my community hits me hard some days.

It becomes a bit of a bubble of safety so stepping out if it is necessary for all of us who find this.

The twilight zone I find myself in is all too common for many people. Maybe even you, the reader, right now.

I know that the job will fade away in time and my expansion will see the community around me rise. But the unconscious human will not fade. There will also be that one which pushes a button. Which reminds me of how grateful I am to be living a more 5D life.

The truth is we are always in contrast and it allows us to grow, should we choose not to be the victim of it.

The caterpillar I flicked off my rose 2 days ago was not a victim. I went right on finding another source of food so it could complete its purpose here and transform into the butterfly it was destined to be.

It ignored the contempt and disrespect I showed it…and went on anyway.

A truly great lesson for all of us.

You MATTER and you are here to fulfil your destiny and purpose, whatever that may be for you.

In the twilight zone it takes a little more strength, a little more focus, a little more faith, trust and love.

Go where you are appreciated but if you must be elsewhere for a short time…appreciate, love and respect yourself. It will help you grow those beautiful butterfly wings into the next dimensions of humanity.


Trish xo

Trish Rock | Transformation Catalyst | Intuitive Psychic

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