The Rabbit Hole of Spirituality

Are there any rules we must follow to be spiritual?

Is being spiritual similar to all of the religions in this world, with rules and structure that must be followed if we are to be ‘doing’ it correctly and for our soul to be functional and free?

Will be only be enlightened and ascending if we follow a certain technique or practice?

Is all the pomp and ceremony really necessary? In any of the religions OR in spirituality?

Did Jesus own any crystals and if so, did he energise them in the full moon energy?

Does the Dalai Lama clear and balance his Chakras when he is feeling not so aligned?

So many questions…and here are some more:

  • What if Love was the practice?

  • What if Love was the technique?

  • What of Love was the formula?

  • What if Love was the prayer?

  • What if Love was the ceremony?

  • What if Love was the sequence?

  • What if Love was IT?

It’s a controversial and emotional topic but one that I really questioned today.

There are SO many practices out there now and while each one has its own audience, what actually is the essence of them all?

Its Love right!

Love of self and others and ALL things.

What if…we just did that? What if…we just started Being that?

Everyone is different and requires different ways/techniques etc to resonate or learn or assimilate but here is my take on it all:

To get to the place of Love of all things, starting with ourselves, we may require certain practices, routines…pomp and ceremony. That’s all great BUT is it the practice we are attracted to just to be in a ‘tribe’ or ‘club’ or ‘religion ‘ of sorts or is it the discovery and LIVING as Love?

Don’t get me wrong, Im not having a go at anyone or anything here. I, myself, use and teach different practices, ways and ‘ceremony’ and I love what everyone in the world has to offer and brings to Light! I feel it is important to have different modalities, tools, techniques, ways, practices available and certainly they do assist in helping us become all we can be.

By helping my clients with Chakra energy for example, I know that certain areas of their life will improve as their energy shifts. The heaviness of past patterns lifted, a person can become and embrace more of the Love they are.

It just seems to me that Spirituality has become the new ‘religion’ for many people and they are not standing on their own 2 feet, so to speak. They are not finding the Love in themselves. They are simply following and being part of the ‘religion’, the ‘club’, the ‘group’, the ‘circle’ because they feel they HAVE to, to be enlightened.

My point I guess is that if we are going to be a part of a spirituality group of any kind, do it because we enjoy it and it FEELS good to us. Not because we think it’s the only way to the enlightened path so to speak.

Trish Rock

Feeling good is the key. Do whatever makes you feel good, just for the feeling of it, not for the ‘security’or ‘need’ of it.

The great spiritual leaders and ascended masters were and are love. Simple. Their mindfulness is such that they are in the moment, and in that moment, they are the Love energy that flows through all. The creator, the God, the Sun, the Universe, the spirit, the human.

The rabbit hole of spirituality is long, winding and can be exhausting and confusing.

But Love is infinite.

Love is the most powerful force on Earth and beyond.

Love is the answer and the way to everything.

Love is the miracle.

Love is the cure.

Love is the peace.

Love is the religion and the spirituality, your own way, the only way.

Whatever your journey brings, wherever you find yourself in the process and exploration of remembering the Love you are, remember that the external is just to allow you to feel good so that you may stay in true alignment with the Love you really are. The power is already within your heart. Believe in yourself. Trust, know.


Trish x