Statements Of Empowerment That Will Change Your Energy Flow

Everything we say, feel and think is connected to how our reality looks right now.

Affirmations can play an important part in changing our energy. The 7 main Chakra energy portals are also an integral part of how we flow in every moment.

With this in mind, I created a process that blends both of these together in a more empowered way, to really shift and transform your energy in every area of life.

Today I am sharing the ‘Your Manifesting Heart’ process with you.

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How we are currently experiencing life is a combination of what we think and how we feel about ourselves. In this process we will be looking at, and shifting, the way you are currently feeling, especially in the areas where the energy may be blocked. This will be bringing you an experience that you most likely are looking to change and that you have not been happy with for a while.

We are energy, therefore the experience we have this moment is based on what vibration that energy is right now.

After many years of saying positive affirmations daily, I found that often, even though I was saying the words, I wasn’t feeling them. (Listen to a Podcast about affirmations here)

FEELING is the way to not only loving yourself more, knowing who you truly are and experiencing the whole deliciousness of this life, but it is also FEELING that will allow your desires to manifest fast.

I have also discovered that when energy is not flowing through each of the main Chakra energy portals in our body, feeling these different aspects becomes challenging. This then shows up in our lives as less than the abundant beings we are.

The 7 main energy centres, or the Chakras, can directly influence different areas of your life and by looking more closely at these areas and discovering where they may not be functioning at 100% you can then take action where it is needed for the best energy flow.

I have designed the Your Manifesting Heart for the better use of empowered words to directly influence each Chakra.

This is a process that is best done once a week, perhaps at the beginning of the week, to set the energy and tone for the week ahead. My clients have been getting great results from this exercise and I encourage you to try it this week too!

Its like goal setting but with intention and empowered statements, to see your truth come to the fore and your desires become manifest. Your Manifesting Heart

Here is how it works.

In the diagram  you will see that the 7 Chakra areas are highlighted within the heart shape.

  • Each area will have an empowered statement pertaining to that Chakra energy.
  • Each statement will be a reflection of the outcome you desire at the end of the week.

For example, one week my statements were:

  • My inner knowing is bringing me back to remembrance
  • My intuition serves me well and I trust the inner voice
  • I freely express myself
  • I love myself, others and life
  • I am determined and trusting of my capability
  • I am confident
  • I am abundant and grounded Your Manifesting Heart example

In this particular week my intention was to tap into and trust my inner knowing and intuitive voices, express myself easily, love myself and others, be strong, confident, grounded and determined in my business.

The empowered statement must be in the present- ie: I am, I do. It is a statement of truth you are telling yourself.

Here are the descriptions and colours of each Chakra area so that you can easily create one statement of intent for that area for the coming week.

Root Chakra (RED): Physical, Action Taking, Abundance, Material Possessions, Grounded, Wealth, Finances, Productivity.

Sacral Chakra (ORANGE): Confidence, Self Worth, Self Expression, Feelings, Emotions

Solar Plexus Chakra (YELLOW): Empowerment, Confidence, Willpower, Strength, Self Knowing, Personal Power

Heart Chakra (GREEN): Love, Self Love, Service, Life, Nature, Beauty, Universal love energy

Throat Chakra (BLUE): Voice, Expression, Speaking, Drawing, Painting, Truth

3rd Eye Chakra (PURPLE): Inner Voice, Intuition, 6th Sense, Connection

Crown Chakra (VIOLET/WHITE): Spiritual Connection, Peace, Inner Awareness, God Energy/source, Oneness, Knowing

Once your statements are done, and really it is best just to let go and write whatever comes to mind first for each area, then write them inside the heart in the correct position.

Place this drawing where you will see it daily. It is best if you can see it and read it often.

Reinforcing your intentions, or energetic affirmations, many times, or as often as you can, daily, will enable you to FEEL into them and therefore bring them about.

Good luck and have fun with this process! Its a tool you can use over and over, and even use it to manifest one particular desire if you like by aligning all intentions together.

Let me know what happens for you and the shifts that take place! Comment below or over at the facebook page Manifest For Life


Love xo