The Journey Back To Peace Begins With The Path To Our Own Love

6 years ago I decided to change everything about my life.

I was miserable. I was numbing myself with TV, food and alcohol. I was hating myself.

At the time, a change in life, career and where I lived was the way for me to find happiness. The life I had was making me miserable. I blamed all the other people in my life, my circumstances and anything else I could find as the cause of this unhappiness within me.

Little did I know that when I found myself, with only myself, I was still unhappy. Life has a way of throwing this stuff right in our faces so we actually GET IT! lol

So, since then I have been working on the only thing that will change my state of happiness, and my circumstance – who I BE. Its got nothing to do with anyone else. Blame does not change anything.

This path of self love has been interesting, to say the least! But to come through a radical change easily would be a fantasy.

Here is what I have discovered.

The road back to personal and mental peace- begins on the path to self love. peace path

Sometimes, you have to make a conscious decision to love yourself enough to even start on this path!

In recent weeks, many people have come into my life that are feeling quite broken and unloved, by themselves and others. Im glad to have them on the path and to offer my Light and Love to them, to show them theirs. It has also shown me that I am indeed now remembering the peace and love that is the core of me. There have also been many people who have shown up to teach me better ways to think and love myself. Im grateful for who shows up.

Self love is not a ‘thing’ we learn, like a certificate in self love, or a lesson to have an exam on. Self Love is our essence, so by being on the path of self love we are asking the Universe,God source/whatever you wish to call it to help us REMEMBER. To show us who we really are.

In my free 8 day course – An Energy Romance – The Love Story Of YOU– I offer many tools and tips for increasing self love daily. And while these tools are effective, its in the process that we begin to remember. I think the power of any type of course such as this is the actual decision to start. THAT takes courage. There is a part of us that doesnt want us to remember we are Love.

The realisation that we are MORE than what we currently see and the DECISION to BE more, is the most courageous act of self love we can do for ourselves.

Trish Rock

How do you treat yourself daily? Are you on the path to Self Love right now?

If you feel you need to change everything in your life, like I have done, to be on this path then please think again. There is a better way.

As soon as you make the decision to remember the love essence that you are, be on the path of self love and start in whichever way you can, the Universe will rush in to show you where change is needed. Now, these changes may very well mean that you will revamp your entire life, like I did, OR the life you currently have will magically transform before your eyes as you follow the path.

Our outside world is a reflection of our inside world – thoughts, patterns, beliefs and experiences.

Sometimes its a hard lesson to take in. Sometimes we pretend its not true. Sometimes we deny it. But the proof of the truth of this will be in the changes that miraculously occur when you are different on the inside. When you LOVE more – yourself first.

There are bad days, yes. But to forgive yourself and move forward is the biggest key here.

There are great days, yes! And to be grateful is essential.

Are YOU on the path of Self Love? Are YOU on the way back to remembering the peace you ARE?

Start today. Start in whatever way is comfortable for you. Just looking at yourself in a mirror and admiring what you see is a great start. It takes courage and I KNOW you are a brave soul, and you are so WORTHY of all you desire.


Trish x

ps. Im here to help if you feel drawn. Maybe where you are is exactly where I was and I can show you what helped me xo Contact me at