Have you ever had a moment when you just feel like you are pushing, pushing and pushing against it all? Maybe more than a moment? Perhaps an hour, a day, longer? It causes frustration and negative emotions and is really very unhealthy, not to mention unproductive!

Here’s the thing though, when we are in this state, we want things to change to suit US better. We want the situation or person to change so that WE feel less frustrated. It is easy to feel the discomfort and the inconvenience and to place blame onto something or someone else, and sadly for many people, this is their constant state of emotion.

Yesterday, things changed for me and I would like to share this little story in the hope that perhaps it will also assist you next time you are feeling this way.

https://trishrock.com Trish Rock- You Create Your RealityI was in a situation that was very frustrating and the main reason, the main thoughts that were going through my head were ones of inconvenience. It was very inconvenient to attempt to solve this problem. I wished that the problem didnt exist/would change/wasnt so inconvenient to what I wanted to do with my time. Selfish right! As well as frustrating and uncomfortable.

This state of discord does not sit well with me anymore and I knew I had a choice. Stay with my emotions butting heads with what I perceived as a problem I could not change and stay frustrated and angry…


change my mind…change the way I was reacting…change the way I felt about it.

The other person involved was not going to/couldnt change, so my fighting it was futile. Once I realised this, my discord changed in the blink of an eye. I made the decision to accept what was, find the blessing in it, stop fighting it and feeling inconvenienced, stop feeling like crap in this negative emotional state….then act with love and kindness instead, apologise to the other person and get on with the rest of the day.

Wow…how liberating to change your reality so fast, consciously. I dissolved a fear, I dissolved an inconvenience and I dissolved my discord…just like that… with love. Powerful.

I have to also tell you that the rest of the day was gifted with messages from the Universe with love in return ten fold. I found pictures of my daughter which miraculously appeared, there were people in my day that were a blessing and I experienced so much joy and flow…which would not have happened had I stayed butting heads with this problem.

Here is the biggest thing to know: if you are at loggerheads with a person or situation, you have the power to change how you feel about it, to dissipate the angst, to dissolve the discord you feel and to see it as a blessing. Its your choice. Drop the blame and anger. Find the love in it. Find the lesson. Find the positive.

You, and only you, create your reality. Personally I choose love and joy over inconvenience and discord. I have the power to choose how I feel and react. And you can too.

This week, stay aware of how you are feeling. As soon as you feel any emotions towards the negative side, stop and think about how you could change that by reacting or thinking differently about it. There is always an answer but you must step out of blame and take responsibility for how you are feeling. Its totally your choice and it can change in the blink of an eye.