I read a most fabulous book today.

Bringers Of The Light by Neale Donald Walsch.

In this book, Neale gives a different perspective on BEing and finding our purpose in this lifetime.

He says, that actually:

Life is pointless, and that is Gods greatest gift

I LOVE this concept! All the time we spend searching and looking for our purpose in life. The endless courses, advisors, classes etc that we attend to learn how to find our purpose….

and yet, there it is…Life is pointless!

He explains further that this life is for us to decide. We have free will to decide whatever we choose. WE DECIDE what our purpose is.

Your purpose here: Its what you say it is.

Nothing to find. Just a decision to make.

The other brilliant thing I discovered in this book today was that the best way to make the discovery in ourselves about what it is we want our purpose to be (note the way I said that- the way WE want it to be, not the purpose we think is out there for us to be found) is to decide what it is we want to BE.

Quite often, when asked what we feel our purpose in life is, we state a DOING. This is what I want to DO.

But the better question and the one where the true answer will come is the question: Who do I wish to BE?

When we know who we wish to BE, then our purpose becomes very clear and not only that, all the things we can then DO come to us, with ease.

To me, this changes everything. I know immediately what my purpose here is. Its not to do anything in particular, to plan a certain path, it is simply to just BE the person I wish to be. My purpose is Loving, healing, inspiring and teaching. It will all simply just fall into place (as it has been) when I choose to BE this (which I have).

Trish Rock www.trishrock.com

Love this!

The other interesting and profound wisdom Neale shared in this book has totally changed my perception on daily experiences.

He says that when we know who we want to be, then the opposite will flood in. Interesting!

As soon as you decide who and what you are. everything unlike it will come into your space

So, for instance if you decide you are love and healing, then you will have a whole lot of the opposite come your way to strengthen your resolve in BEing Love and healing. It is with determination that BEing who you are becomes so strong that nothing can stop you.

This is true for whatever we choose to BE. Whether it is Love, healing, joyful or whether it is sad, upset, or unable.

What you resist persists, what you look at disappears.

Neale also shares in this book a most beautiful quote from A Course In Miracles:

You are in the room to heal the room

You are in the space to heal the space

There is no other reason for you to be here

Bringers Of The Light is a fast easy read but is deep and will touch your soul. I would highly recommend it!


The art of BEing is actually your purpose found.