Tarot, Numerology and Mediumship

If you had asked me just a short while back if I was a Tarot Card reader, or if I knew anything about Numerology or if I was able to channel messages through from the other side, I would have said no.

The answer would not have been because I couldn’t, but because I

  1. Didnt know I could

2.  Wasn’t owning who I BE and

3.  Wasnt yet courageous enough to say ‘yes! I can!’

The past 12 months has been super interesting for many of us, with our truth being more easy to announce and the realness of who we BE, becoming more and more important to stand courageously in every moment of every day…not only for our own empowerment but for those around us also.

We all have so many  talents and skills that we have not yet even explored. We are innately capable of so much, yet lack the belief of our own greatness, our own knowing, our own abilities.

What is it that YOU are not admitting too?

What is it that YOU would like to be doing but think you are not good enough?

What is it that you admire in others that maybe you already have the talent to do?

These are all questions I asked of myself before I stood in my own presence and BELIEVED in myself and my ability to help others and share my inspirational message of self love and worth.

Tarot, Numerology and connecting with spirit have all come easily for me, not because I’m any better or more special, but because I trust my inner voice now and I can speak it in a better way.

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I certainly do not claim to be an expert at any of these tools and dont identify myself as these ‘titles’ but by using these amazing tools while working with my clients, we gain a deeper understanding of what is really going on for them.

Often, spirit has a totally different story to the one we have about ourselves lol.

Whatever it is you feel and see yourself doing and BEing, know that you CAN. If you feel it, it is.

Anything we wish to have extra confidence in of course we must practice and do the work but if we truly do see something in another that we admire and wish to explore ourselves- we have the ability.

So what is it for you?

Tarot, Numerology, Oracle cards and mediumship are all so interesting and fun! Have a look in your local area for classes or mentors and even go online and check out the amazing teachers there!

I know for myself, learning these innate abilities and tools and now using them to help bring messages to people, well, its one of the most satisfying experiences and heart filling things I could be doing. I absolutely love it.

Let me know what your passions are!

Love x

If you would like to work with me please email me at trish@trishrock.com or go to www.TrishRock.com/Lets-Talk