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While learning something new for my business today I began reflecting on how much life has changed for me over the past 24 months and in particular the past 3 months.

I have really been trying to simplify everything that I am aware needs it and the Universe has been simplifying some things too!

It has always been the way of me, my personality in this area. I like things simple, fast, uncomplicated.

I remember back to maths class in High School and the look on my teachers face every time I questioned the methods.

Mrs Cavanaugh (I remember her name and that she was always dressed in denim…) was a great teacher but not so great at helping me understand why I had to do things the long hard way. Long division is the prime example here and when, during these long methods, I would find a simpler way and wonder why it was not acceptable- it was the standard ‘school’ answer – “that’s the way we teach it and the way you have to learn”.

Of course none of us really need to use any of that information as calculators are always at hand but the simple ways I discovered to figure things out in my own head still come in handy to this day.

One of the other areas I find simplicity suits me is in conversation, learning and explanations.

Many of you who are in my community will note that if I can say it in one sentence, I will. This is also one of my super powers when clients come to me with their problem, story or situation. I can hear the 3, 4, 5, or more sentences or points of view and whittle them down to one statement of what the actual issue is.

This simplicity in conversation was obvious in my 28 year career in the salon industry and I would quite often just zone out during the long repetitive stories, choosing only to hear the actual issue so I could offer a solution. I can still remain fully compassionate, alert and present while doing this.

I guess it’s been the same with my education and personal development too. I have many intellectual friends who love learning and will absorb as much as they can. Often, and mostly actually, I can only deal with a certain amount in my head space and therefore will only read, hear, absorb or want to be interested in those things that actually spark my interest. You could say I’m a deliberate learner and selective about what takes up my attention but really it’s just a case of me simplifying a paragraph or page into one overall statement or new learning rather than absorbing all of it including the bits I am not interested in.

Since being made redundant in my day job 3 months ago my life has also now become simpler and even though I work more in my business now, I have created my life around ease and grace. I feel this is true for many of us right now as we become less focused on consumerism and more focused on what we actually desire in the moment. A more discerning way of living whether it comes to our basic food needs or our passions in life.

I feel like I am living a simple, joyful and fulfilled life without the distractions I used to have of deliberate, or the supposed need for, busyness. And this is also reflecting in my business too as I make things easier, simpler, faster, helping others in a simple way. People who know what they want and simply want to get there or be that. Cutting through the years of story to find a more clear and satisfying one for where they are now.

Some days I feel this simplicity, especially in what I teach, frightens some people because they are used to a more complicated way to success or change. But thats ok. We are all here to learn in our own way.

The world is too complicated right now and for me, anything that flows more easily, does not require a masters degree and does not need a long time to learn suits me to a tee! (as it always has lol)

How about you?

Looking for more simplicity in life? Where can you start that today? What are you over complicating? You know more than you give yourself credit for and some trust in that will immediately give more simple solutions.

Clarity brings simplicity in all problem solving and this is my magic formula and gift in this lifetime.

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