“…and as I became aware that what I was seeing was my body on the bed and as my eyes scanned the room there was such peace, such stillness, a quietening of mind that I had never felt before…and the Love, OH the Love….”

Love Trumps Fear

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have absolutely NO judgement for anyone or anything? No opinion about anyone or anything? No feeling for anyone or anything…except total Love, appreciation and admiration?

As we all reach to be the best version of ourselves in this lifetime, judgement and criticism are on the top of the list of things to stop feeling.

But are any of us REALLY sure of what that means or how it feels or even how that would look in everyday life here as a human?

I have felt that Love and in a very short moment, as I was an energy orb above my body,  lived with no judgement, no thoughts about anything or anybody except for Love and connectedness. And it is a place I yearn to be again, a place that calls me, a place that is inside me waiting to be felt once more.

I believe I have come close but here’s the thing…it doesnt really matter. What matters is that to feel Love and connection to all there is, there cannot be any judgement. You are just judging yourself.

We may never be in that total space of non judgement. Maybe we need these moments of judgement in this lifetime to show us how valuable and worthy we really are. Maybe this learning and constant course correction are necessary for the ‘whole’ of everything.

What matters though is to be conscious and aware of how we feel, what we are thinking and of what we are saying to our self because by being aware of it, we can change it.

Seeing our self, our fellow humans and all of life through the eyes of Love, now THAT changes everything.

Could you do that? Just for one day? No judging, no destructive self talk, no demeaning talk about others and no bad thoughts about anything? Think about it.

Each morning I wake up with this self imposed task. Some days are easier than others. I am human and I dont beat myself up about it anymore but I think if the intentions of Love are clear, then with the occasional bit of aware and conscious ‘course correction’ we are on target to being the one, beautiful Divine energy that we truly are.

I give you this task with Love for I truly know what it feels like to be connected to the Love energy of the Universe.

Each day, with awareness and the intention of Love, we can truly make a difference to all life, to our planet and to the Universe.

Each day, with awareness and intention of Love, we can heal our selves.

Each day, with the awareness and intention of Love, we can know peace, we can live with stillness and we can experience Joy like never before.

In every moment that we can say goodbye to judgement and invite Love in, we become the Light of truth so that others, too, may remember.


Trish x