Do you take risks?

The fear of taking risks is what holds many people back from the life they truly dream of.

  • What if it doesnt work?Trish Rock
  • What if it doesnt go the way I planned?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if people laugh at me?
  • What if I lose money?

What if…

we saw it a different way?

Everything we do in life has a ‘what if’ element. Even getting out of bed in the morning is a risk! What if the day doesnt go as you think it will? Does that stop you?

Here’s the thing, even though there may be a risk associated with many things, this risk only brings up fear in some of the situations.

Why is that and how can we see all risks as simply the next step in where we are heading rather than the frightening dark shadow that hangs over our heads and stops us from moving forward?

Usually it is when we are about to do something different or are about to really step up. Sometimes there is fear around the risk of believing in ourselves or the risk of taking a chance on our dreams. The fear we feel is an individual thing and each of us have our own ‘story’ that backs up this fear.

But its only a story and a story can be changed.

If, rather than fear based, we can see  ‘risks’ as an exciting way to live the moment, wouldnt that change everything about how we approach life?

  • Seeing risks as a way of reaching incredible experiences in our life.
  • Seeing risks as a way to be learning from every experience.
  • Seeing risks as enriching no matter what the outcome (and they are!).
  • Beginning to see risks as everyday moments.

When a fear or hesitation does come up for you, stop, breathe into it and ask yourself this: “is this real? Is it an imagined fear? Is it MY fear or someones elses that I have taken on?

Stepping out of the emotion and detaching yourself from it will help. Look at the risk you are about to take. Without the fear (emotion) that you are attaching to it, is it really a risk at all or is it simply another step forward? The next logical step? The thing that is the best decision in this moment?

Risks are a very important process in business. A well considered risk is the key.

Your path to joy in business and life? More risks. Step out from the norm. Be unique. Be you.

No matter what the outcome of any risk you take, the knowledge it will bring is priceless.