Personal Power, Love and Softness

I believe the greatest thing we can be, is ourselves.

Seems simple but is it really?

Are you yourself right now?

Authentically yourself?

Who you KNOW yourself to be in your soul? Who you know yourself to be in your heart?

I remember when I made a statement many years ago about feeling lost, about finding myself again and about truly Being who I know myself to be in my heart.

Some people joked and said things like – how can you lose yourself? Or I wish I could get lost!

They were in fact questioning in their own hearts and minds whether they were Being themselves at that point.

And I feel it’s a great question to continually ask ourselves.

Am I being my authentic self here or being the person that most suits this situation or other person?

You see we have to find a way to follow this calling in our soul. It wont let up. It wont let go. And Im not talking about passion here or our message or purpose in life. Often, it takes a lifetime to figure that out!

Im talking about the desire within to speak our truth, to stand tall and BE. To act like that 2 year old again and know with every ounce of our being that we are Love, that we are beautiful, that we are perfect, that we are worthy, that we matter, that we can simply be, ion the moment, no judgement, no criticism. (from ourselves!)

For many of us it takes a lot of choices, a lot of work and a lot of resolve to peel away all the blocks to our own BEING that have been moulded around us during our current lifetime, and past ones. But we can shed them all. In a moment of decision, or a series of decisions. Once again, our choice.

Our personal power comes in our authenticity, in our realness, in our simply Being our truth.

And our Truth is that we are Love. love whispers

And when we come from that place of Love that runs through every cell in our body, not only do we stand in our personal power, a place of strength, we also stand in a place of softness – softness of heart.

Standing in our empowered presence, takes personal power.

Knowing we are everything we see – will allow us to be the softness of Love energy and will see others being lifted and inspired to do the same.

Here is an exercise you can do to allow the flow of Love and the flow of your voice to become more empowered, and more connected with others and the Universe.

Chakras have traditionally been seen as flowing around in vortexes in various parts of the body and beyond. They are energy portals that we all have. When these portals are flowing with ease, our life in all areas seems to flow with ease also. When there is an area of our life that is not flowing well, we can be certain that there are some energy portals that are not flowing well too.

One of the shifts we are all going through as humanity right now is the change in the way we express and feel Love energy. The masks and distractions and falseness of what we have perceived life to be all about are dropping and the flow of Love energy is rising to the surface in all of us.

The energy of the heart and throat is now moving in a new direction in our energy fields. It is moving out in front, joining and sharing our communication and love with those who we interact with, and further.

You can increase the flow and strengthen it by directing your hands outwards from your heart and around back to your body. Incorporate the throat chakra area as well (see video). This energy field will join with others in their heart chakra and pen to more Love.

We are opening our hearts and our communication to freely and authentically express all that we are: Love.

To step into your authentic self, to stand in the Truth and Love that you are will not only change everything for you, but will inspire and help all those around you to let go of their personal fears and blocks too, and stand in their Love and Truth.

Its a great miracle to this world..YOU.

Show up.