Open the suit. Shine.

I had a vision last night. A vision that was a reminder, a message, a calling, a challenge, from my guides.

It was one of those dreams that you know is a profound message, not just a dream. You know the type? You have had them too.

In this vision I saw the Light coming out of my human body, shining like a beacon, a lighthouse. A light that was pure, white and infinite Love energy. Shine Your Light

The light was escaping from my chest, through a hole I had made in it by opening my ‘human suit’. In the same fashion that Superman would open his everyday Clark Kent suit to reveal his Superman symbol and powers…so was I opening my ‘Human’ suit of disguise, revealing the pure Light and Love within.

The notion that I have only opened a very small hole in my armour so far in this life experience only concerned me for a few seconds while the ego mind decided to do what it does. But then when the Truth was heard from within, these were the words:

You ARE the Light.

You ARE Light in a human skin.

You ARE the Light no matter how much is shining through the armour.

You ARE the Light and there is no time that exists here.

You ARE the Light…Imagine  opening up to that and shining your message more brilliantly, through a much more open space in your heart, so that more people can see and feel the Love they truly are?

My beautiful friend…this message is for you, for me, for humanity.

The Light shines within us always yet it is only in the sharing that we can truly see the magnificence of our truth.

Open the suit. Shine.

Love xo