Trish Rock - https://trishrock.comToday I was thinking about my parents and what a fabulous and great influence they have been on the person I am today.

Nothing unusual there. Our parents ARE a huge influence in our lives, thats why we choose them, so our lives are shaped perfectly for our sacred contract here in this lifetime. But thats another story 🙂

As I was thinking about them, it occurred to me that they have actually been of greatest influence and of greatest wisdom when I have needed it…since returning to spirit.

I only knew my Dad for a few years of my life really and my Mum, well, lets just say I didnt let anyone in to my heart until recently and I missed a lot of interaction because of my silly notions at the time. But I do know my Father was a very astute businessman and my Mother was like a Mother Theresa, and these are the qualities I call upon from them, and what I receive.

Although they both had qualities of strength, wisdom, caring and love, the presence that I find myself with, either Mum or Dad, will depend on what I need to draw on from my own energy. Now, we are all connected and are all from the same energy so yes, the guidance I receive is not necessarily from either one in particular and may be from my other guides and angels but when I receive particular strenghts…intuitively I know it is their energy here to guide.

So when I need courage, alertness and confidence in matters of business, money and holding my own power, it is my Dad who is there for me.

When I am looking to reach deep inside and be more loving, compassionate and unconditional, it is my Mum who whispers softly in my ear and lets me know the words.

So the reason I share this perception with you is because I want you to know that the people and animals who love us never leave us. They are always there to call on and they will always respond. Whether it be words you hear, a song, a conversation with a stranger, an image, a coincidence (there are no coincidences 😉 ), a number, a look, a touch, if you are asking the question or are wanting the comfort they will be there. But you must be alert and you must know that they will respond in any way they can to get your attention.

Please know that if you truly can connect with them in your heart…they are there, always, because we are all of the same energy.

Luckily for me, when it is Mum or Dad I simply hear them in my head giving me the words I need but I receive many message from spirit in the form of numbers, strangers eyes, and many other things that may be considered ‘random’, if you believe random exists that is 😉

So, the parenting lives on for me, even though I cannot physically be near them, and because I believe that children are here to teach their parents, as well as the other way around, then I will presume they are still gaining an experience of growth through me. Its very cool and I love that I can allow this extraordinary experience. In fact, its BECAUSE of this experience that I know this energy connection. I also have it with a few very close friends (still alive). So my parents  have played their part in the message I am here to voice, in a profound way, from spirit. Gives me goosebumps.

I want to share this cute picture with you 🙂 Its one of the rare pics I have and one of my favourites 🙂