Money and Men: Sacred Contracts, Divine Love

It has occurred to me just recently that although life has many challenges, it is not every area of my life that I have had to work on.

I believe this to be true for all of us.

While one person may struggle with money and prosperity, another person may have continuous health issues. While one person may have  an open gate in relationships, another person may constantly struggle with all relationships!

What is this all about?

Why is it that we all have unique areas in our lives that either flow well or don’t?

It’s similar to the person who can eat as much chocolate as they like and not gain weight, and the person who smells it and gains a dress size!

The struggle is not the same for everyone, and you may be surprised by the reasons behind it that I will explain here.

The first thing to say here is: Let’s stop the struggle. I used to struggle, until I stopped.

Creating struggle simply keeps creating it! Believing anything is a struggle creates more of it. Even the word struggle is creating struggle!!

It’s one of those words that I would like to see banned…same as the word should.

Anyway…I digress…back to the topic.

The reason behind the different ways we react and grow in life. sacred contracts

Well, firstly there is our conditions/conditioning while growing up. We all started off in life with a ‘no struggle’ gene right! Fun was the word! Exploring our potential was the game.

These limiting beliefs that we adopt during the course of growing up can be looked at, peeled like an onion, discarded and generally we can, if we choose, do the personal development work to get us back to the childlike wonder, back to the fun, back to the sense of adventure and back to our worthy, unquestioning, deserving self…just like we felt as a small child.

Here’s the thing though…what if that is not enough?

What if we do all of that and still, the same challenge is there for us to see…again?

It was really baffling me, until it dawned on me that perhaps these are from previous lives?

Perhaps I have made agreements with loved ones from the past that are still in order?

I have begun to believe that we all have sacred contracts from different dimensions of life. As our spirit has entered and reentered this world as a human, it has taken on some ‘rules’ that at first I thought were there to restrict, but now truly believe are there for even greater expansion.

In conjunction with Divine Love and Divine timing, these sacred contracts have brought us to a place that we can choose to let them go, or keep them.

Being ready to let them go is a sure sign that Divine timing to fully utilise the lesson is now. That the time for your greatest expansion is now. All the elements are aligned for best results. Your service to all is enhanced by dropping the contract…whatever that may be.

Let me give you examples from my own life to explain the point.

The 2 areas in my life that seem to be constantly challenging me are money and men. I have done a lot of work around these areas yet still there seems to be blocks to the greater flow that I know is possible.

In contrast, my health is never, and has never, been an issue. I experience well being and I would not imagine anything less. As I often say “I dont believe in being sick”. And I really dont.

My belief around money is different. I have a thought that it can run out, that it can be sparse, that I dont have enough and that I may not ever have enough.

A friend said the other day “I don’t do poverty’ and I thought that’s interesting…’I don’t do ill health”.

I feel we ALL have something we ‘do’ and ‘don’t do’ and not all of the reasons point, in my opinion, to the events of this life we are currently experiencing. Yes there are strong beliefs and false fears to reckon with here but there are also other factors.

So, back to the money and men. The 2 big areas for me.

I have done poverty.

I have done single.

These lessons that have come my way will mean the teachings and service I can now offer others is enhanced. The beauty of the challenge is showing itself. There is nothing out of order.

This brings me to the point about letting the old contracts go.

This happens to be the time for me. I have decided to dissolve any past agreements made. Do I need to know what they were or with whom?


I am simply choosing to let them go.

Are these sacred contracts from the past easily let go of?

Why ask where they are coming from. Does it really matter? They are holding you back from your desires so whether it was a belief from 10 lifetimes ago or a belief from 10 minutes ago- cant we just let it go?

Everything is a choice. feeling great

Just like 2 weeks ago when I started eating tomatoes and avocados after all of my 51 years of life saying I disliked them. A change in thought, a change inside, a change outside.

Men and Money.

There is no need for me to have these challenges anymore. The old contracts have been dissolved. They served me well to this point, this Divine point in my evolution. They have formed my beliefs and patterns that have caused me then to experience certain things which I can now serve others with.

The wisdom I have gained through my challenges in these areas will help others who may be experiencing the same. I know Divine Love is always working for us.

What are your challenges in this lifetime?

Money? Health? Relationship?

When the time is right, you too will dissolve any past agreements, and sacred contracts. The time may never be right in this experience. Maybe it will be the next? Or it could be tomorrow. It is all perfect, it is all perfect.

Keep this in mind when you do get to the point where you say no more:

Work on the conditioning and beliefs from this lifetime AND let go of any Sacred contracts from past lifetimes that may be holding you in the challenge.

Divine Love.

It is all Divine Love, and so are we.