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The Only Reality Is Now

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Have you ever noticed that at any given time we are often either thinking about the past or what may happen in the future?

For instance, even walking somewhere familiar can be filled with everything except what is the current moment: Memories of the past, emotions and feelings, events that may have taken place. Patterns and thoughts from a time ‘before’ this very moment.

The mind can also be filled with thoughts or ‘fears’ of what MAY happen in the future. The next moment, the next hour, day or week, the next year. Imagining events and happenings that are not true, have not occurred and possibly wont, ever. They can be paralyzing for some of us.

Our minds have a great way of distracting us from this moment, right here, now.

But what if, that was not the case?

What if, we really did just BE in the moment? What if our only thoughts, in this moment, were about the beauty we could see?, the scents we were experiencing?, the company we had?, how we were feeling (based on nothing but the present moment)?

With no previous thoughts or experiences, and with no fears or projections about the future, we would be like a baby, seeing everything for the first time, in wonder and joy.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing way to move through every day, every moment?

Do you believe this could be possible?

Do you live this way?

Do you know people who live this way?

Some days, as I go about my way, I wonder why we can be so open and loving to a baby we may pass in the street, or a puppy, or any kind of animal actually, and yet we cannot even look adults in the eye for the most part.

As I smile and say hello to as many people as possible during my day, there are some who feel so closed to it that they look away or pretend not to hear. I find this so sad and a reflection of a society that has evolved, that judges for too often for no reason.

On the other hand though, there are people I come across that truly appreciate the smile and gesture of friendship. It can change the day of someone. And when that happens, the day of many people can be changed through a ripple effect.

There was an elderly lady recently that I came into contact with for a few moments. She had the most amazing eyes! I felt I wanted to look her right in the face and touch her cheek and say wow! You have the most beautiful eyes! Just like I would do to a baby. But alas, my fear of actually scaring her and then getting accosted by her daughter (same age as me) stopped me. I did however offer her a bigger than normal smile and hello, and told her spirit how beautiful she looked to me.

Why would I even have that fear?

Well, as said in the beginning of this post, each moment we can live in the moment or we can live in a memory of the past OR in a made up fear of the future.

This is something I work on every day, in every moment.

As Eckhart Tolle explains in his book, the Power Of Now, every moment is to be savoured. When you drink a glass of water, be there. When you eat, be there. Savour each mouthful, each taste sensation. When you are with another person, be there, for every word, every glance, every touch or every smile.

I feel if we all consciously could do this, then, well, wouldn’t every encounter be just totally amazing…and new? Wouldn’t every experience be the first time? Wouldn’t every moment be one of a kind? Never happened before and never to happen again?

This is a truth when we really do think about it because who we are as humans changes every moment. So I am not the same person as I was when I started writing this piece. My cells have changed ever so slightly, my mind has new thoughts, I have actually taken on a new belief while writing (love that!).

So, here we are with a choice, a new choice perhaps, or a choice we have been meaning to make.

BE in every moment.

Can we do it? I believe the answer is yes but it has to be a practice and it has to be a conscious choice.

What do we do when the old memories, patterns, feelings or emotions come up?

Let them pass. Thank them for trying to protect you and let them pass.

What do we do when new fears come up about the future we have not had yet?

Let them pass. Thank your mind for protecting you and let them float away.

If it’s a difficult ask, then the easiest way to be in the moment, even for just a few moments, is to focus on something tangible. What you are eating, what you are touching, even just look at your hand and imagine the activity that is going ion in the cells, the vibration that is taking place that you cannot see with your human eyes, the ‘empty space’ being held together through gravity and consciousness.

Being in the moment is also made easier when we are living with an open heart. Love for all we are, see and experience actually negates many of the old patterns and memories that come up within us. Loving ourselves is in fact the biggest challenge and the greatest lesson here as a human. But that’s a whole other story for another time.

For now, BE. In as many moments as possible. Be aware of it,. Be conscious of where your mind is. Be conscious of where your thoughts take you. Be conscious of what you are radiating. Are you in loving energy?

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